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By: Indiana Records  09-12-2011

Unit Spacefinder

TAB's Unit Spacefinder is a completely modular, fully adjustable line of Open Lateral storage equipment.

  • Adjustable to meet exact needs of any filing system
  • Accommodates side-by-side storage of several media types
  • Expand capacity and functionality immediately with additional units
  • Find and re-file easily visible records faster
  • Plain view record identification
  • Exclusive "stair-step" design tilts boxes forward for greater accessibility
  • Cut-away box sides provide faster in-filing of hard copy
  • Upon record removal, units backshift to allow new records to be added
  • Uses only 3.6 square feet of space (compared to conventional 4-drawer filing cabinet's 5.8 square feet)
  • Multiple users can access files simultaneously

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IRM :: Products :: Spacefinder Cabinets

They are extremely rugged and durable, suitable for both letter and legal depth, and are available in 36-inch widths and four convenient heights. Easy coordination - Available in a full range of TAB colors for pleasing integration with other TAB equipment and furniture offerings. TAB's Spacefinder Cabinets provide superior strength, economy and versatility when floor space is scarce.


IRM :: Products :: Computerized Color Coding

Additionally, TABQUIK 5.0 Suite provides you with the ability to import data from other systems and applications, allowing you to print large runs of labels to suit your specific filing needs. Create as many strip labels as you need, print them on a TAB recommended color printer, and affix them to a TAB folder for immediate use. TABQUIK 5.0 Suite of software provides you the power to produce color-coded labels using a standard Microsoft PC.


Color Coding and File Folders

It is also easier to recall a number broken into groups rather than remembering a straight six-digit number. The file number is divided into groups of two digits called primary, secondary, and tertiary terminals. Terminal digit is a means of filing consecutively numbered folders in a different sequence. This method comes closest to a perfect distribution of records.


IRM :: Products :: High Density Mobile Storage

TAB offers a wide range of mobile storage solutions, from the high-performance electrical models, to the mechanical-assist systems, to the simple and economical manual systems. Mobile storage is a flexible, high-density storage solution that allows you to get more files in less space and create aisles only when and where you need them.