InaPlex Evaluate Products

By: Inaplex  09-12-2011

You may obtain an evaluation license for Inaport at no charge.

This license is fully functional, but is restricted to processing 10 records at a time.

To obtain an evaluation license, click the "Free Trial" button.
You will NOT be charged for this license.

Support during evaluation

During your evaluation, we encourage you to access the support forum and resources on this web site free of charge. The resources include a number of movies that cover various aspects of setting up, building profiles, and running imports.

Please feel free to contact sales to discuss how Inaport may best work within your organisation, or to book a free webinar.

Purchase after evaluation

We hope that you will want to purchase after your evaluation. If you do, you will NOT be required to re-install the product.

Any profiles that you build during your evaluation will be usable once the product is fully licensed.

Other products and services from Inaplex


the leading integration and migration solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Inaport provides an extensive library of functions for data transformation and manipulation; the ability to add new fields to incoming data; and the ability to perform extensive conditional tests on data to allow for action based on data quality. Inaport provides comprehensive data migration, data integration and data transformation for versions 4.x and 5.x of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.


Inaport Product Download

Inaport can be downloaded at any time, and installed on any system that can connect to both the source and the target database. If you do not see the particular migration you require, please contact InaPlex. A migration pack contains a set of profiles for a particular migration path. If you need to use Inaport with ACT!.


Integration and migration solutions for CRM systems - Migration

With its powerful data transformation and superb matching capabilites, Inaport is the tool of choice for complex migration projects for CRM vendors and resellers around the world. These templates can be customised for each project as required, to handle custom fields, dirty or old data, or any other specialised requirements. A range of standard templates are available which cover the main elements of migrating from systems such as ACT.


Integration and migration solutions for CRM systems - Data Import

Many companies will have important customer data spread across multiple sources within the enterprise: Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, SQL and Oracle databases, accounting systems.. Unless the CRM system is loaded with a clean and comprehensive set of customer data, the initial adoption is likely to falter. Inaport is the market leading product for rapid development of cost effective data loading to CRM systems.


Services Overview

Services may range from a short session designed to assist a team in tackling a difficult project, through to handling a complete migration or developing custom software for specialised integrations. Professional Services are available to assist in the development of solutions to particular challenges. InaPlex has a range of services designed to help our Partners and users make full use of our products.


Integration and migration solutions for CRM systems - Integration

Inaport has been used in thousands of sites around the world for one way and bi-directional integration between Microsoft CRM, SalesLogix and SageCRM, and systems such as. Integration is the process of ensuring that data in your CRM system is consistent with data in other systems in your organisation. Production and Manufacturing - e.g. product codes, descriptions, quantity and backorder status.


InaPlex Product Overview

These solutions help ensure a single point of contact, and are important for realising maximum return on your CRM investment. Extensive data transformation capabilites with user preview ensure that the data is presented in the format required. Export contact information to be verified by a tele-marketing operation, then update the CRM system with the results.