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By: In Touch With Wellness  09-12-2011

Daily stress and environmental pollutants bombard us with increasing levels of free radicals. Diets high in processed foods, lacking in whole, unrefined foods have further increased the need for supplementation.  USANA nutritionals offer advanced levels of high-quality, highly bioavailable vitamins and antioxidants to meet this increased need. USANA will provide you and your family with the highest quality products in the form that the body can absorb and use. USANA also created the Optimizers, an extensive selection of state-of-the art nutritional products, to enable you to customize your nutritional program to meet your individual needs. 

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The application of the products over the body’s skin allows maximum absorption of the crucial vitamins and minerals required by our body in a natural form to achieve total body balancing. This treatment aids in relieving arthritis, muscle aches and pains, inflammation, circulatory problems, lymph drainage and internal cleansing.