Seattle Small Business Common Questions

By: Immotion  09-12-2011

Below are some of the most common questions we have received from customers. If there are any questions that we have not yet answered on our website, we would like to do so immediately. Please take a minute to fill out your question below and we look forward to touching base with you.

What are your rates?

How Long does it take for each project?

Additional Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions so far, please let us know below and we would like to post it on this section. Chances are your questions are the same ones other customers are curious about.

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Seattle Small Business, Business Card Design Process

The business cards you approved in the design customization phase will be sent to the printer with proper instructions so that we can assure the right outcome for your cards. A business card is one of the first impressions that your customer will have with your business and we make sure that your clients have great first impressions every time.


Seattle Small Business Brand Identity Design Process

An identity plan is constructed as the strategy to create maximum appeal to your target audience, accentuate your marketing direction, and establish a company identity to you and your employees. The plan includes a design objective that aims to meet your marketing goal and ensures that your new brand attracts your target audience.


Seattle Small Business Web Design Process

Our project estimates are of course free of charge and we would like to get back to you quickly. Our web design process to make this happen follows these steps.


Seattle Small Business Web Design Services

The project plan includes your business strengths that we want to accentuate, audience we want to target, and research we conducted to assure distinctive identity, whether it be designing your brand from the ground up or building your online presence. Immotion Interactive focuses on delivering brand identity, business cards, web design or all of the aforementioned marketing pieces together for consistency purposes.