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By: Imatrix Software  09-12-2011
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The following are some very important questions to ask MLM software companies about their system:

  • Has their software system been deployed and functional with a client that has over 1,000,000 distributors? 
  • How many transactions and sign-ups has their system proven to be capable of processing in a single day?
  • How many users can simultaneously access their system?
  • Do they provide a complete test system that is an exact duplicate of the live system?
  • Do they provide a test system to run commission scenarios?
  • Can they rerun commissions in live if necessary?
  • How long will it take to run commissions with over 1,000,000 distributors or 250,000 or even less?
  • Does their system have the ability to do multiple compensation plans, currencies, languages, gateways/merchant accounts and autoships.
  • What are the technical support costs?
  • Is technical support included in the monthly fees or are there separate support packages? 
  • Do they provide API’s (Application Protocol Interface) so clients can do their own customizations?
  • Do they provide an experienced and proven compensation plan expert who is on staff that can provide invaluable input during the set-up process and in the future? 
  • Do they offer clients SQL access?

If their MLM software system is less than 10 years old there are innumerable things that the iMATRIX system handles that companies designing a new system haven't even thought about, much less programmed.  Read about the iMATRIX MLM software system below.

1. Distributors Back Office / Replicated Websites - example features:

  • Sign-up new distributors
  • Place orders using shopping cart
  • View downline/genealogy
  • View commission activity
  • Real time commission and qualification previews
  • Create and edit autoships
  • Online messaging system
  • View sponsor/enroller
  • Update personal profile information
  • Order and shipment confirmation
  • Signups are automatically linked
  • Retail orders are automatically credited
  • Notification of personally sponsored new sign-ups and rank advancements
  • Business building and analysis tools
  • Bar graph and comparative presentations
  • Search, view and add meetings, events, conference calls and trainings
  • View and download company forms and documents
  • Create listings and mailing labels from distributor genealogy
  • Overall distributor statistical and graphical information
  • Create custom reports with filtering capability of downline
  • List of orders – order detail and tracking
  • Commission Activity
  • Account Inquiry–PV period, orders, payments, earners, bonus check
  • Contact manager
  • To do list
  • eWallet
  • Season and downline historical summary
  • Monthly qualifications
  • Semi-monthly profit recap 
  • Monthly commission recap 
  • Online RMA (return merchandise authorization)
  • RMA Listing

Additional Features offered for Party Plans:

  • Create a party 
  • Update a party 
  • Close a party 
  • Party summary 
  • Enter guest order 
  • Enter hostess order 
  • Cancel guest/hostess order 
  • Referring hostess order
  • View hostess discounts 
  • Back order items by party
  • Discounted personal purchases 
  • Retail personal purchases

2. Corporate Back Office Administrative System – some example features:

  • Payment – multiple types, online credit card authorization and verification, automated processing settlement of distributors’ individual merchant accounts and multi-currency
  • Commissioning – all types of plans, combinations, worldwide tree, support a different plan and qualifications for each country, separate qualification and volume trees maintained
  • Distributor maintenance – status, rank, renewals, removals and profile
  • Genealogy - reporting, tracking, maintaining, historical, purging, orphan resolve, and real time order volume pushed up the tree
  • Reports: sales, payment/distributor balance, orphan, kits, back orders, shipping, inventory, aging, sales tax, posting, bonus, accounting, commissions, pre-bonus and bonus, internet  
  • Extensive Party Plan reports
  • Inventory – committed, shipped, received and adjustments
  • RMA – returned merchandise authorization
  • Distributor services support – contact tracking, commission research tools, one page information screen that provides answers to most of your distributor service calls
  • Distributor processing and maintenance
  • Commission plan processing
  • Ability to enter credit card information
  • Credit card online authorization and verification with iMATRIX approved vendors
  • Ability to enter ACH electronic check information 
  • Creation of a standard NACHA file format for ACH/e-check transactions deposited to a single bank
  • Orphan processing
  • Contact tracking functions
  • Laser check print capability
  • Debit/credit memo functionality
  • Autoship
  • Add, approve, decline, edit, remove meetings, conference calls, events  
  • Multiple fulfillment and warehousing centers
  • Renewals
  • 1099 generation
  • Member Management: lookup, addition, options
  • View distributor back office
  • Online training video’s
  • Online wizards: orders, sign-ups, notifications 
  • Document Management
  • Motivational quotes

MLM Software Architecture, Scalability, and Flexibility:

• The iMATRIX software system architecture is multi-tiered with separate data, business logic and presentation layers.

The system is very scalable, which has been demonstrated by its actual use in companies with over 2,000,000 distributors, over 50,000 sign-ups in a single day and 300 plus simultaneous company users. The system was designed with flexibility in mind. It is modular and parameter driven.


• The client system is created on the iMatrix Data Center servers. The set-up time is dependent upon discussions and decisions regarding your business rules and processes. This is what determines the parameter settings and if any customizations will be required. Customizations and integrations can delay the set-up time for numerous reasons, especially working with 3rd party companies. Closely related is, of course, the modification of our standard design for order entry and distributor entry forms to meet the specifics of your company. The compensation plan is typically completed after receiving the final specifications; normally it is one of the last items programmed.

Added Features:

• The distributor has access to a list of their orders with links to tracking. The system is a multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-country, multi-warehouse. The system is deployed in many countries including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, & Taiwan. The client provides the translations for all web content. The administration system is available in English. The system has the ability to maintain a worldwide tree with different compensation plans in different countries. Commissions can be paid in home currency or a standard currency. This concept can more easily be explained in a conversation but, suffice to say, it is not a feature available from most of our competitors. Multi-currency is not a new customization we have to develop as it exists today and is being used today. The same is true of multi-warehouse and multi-pricing, however, there are instances were specific requests may need to be customized.


Keywords: Compensation Plan, Mlm Software System

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