By: Ifit Personal Training  09-12-2011
Keywords: Yoga, Fitness Boot Camp, Interval Training

A fitness boot camp is an indoor/outdoor group exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training.  While there are a variety of styles of fitness boot camps, most are designed in a way that pushes the participants harder than they'd push themselves and, in that way, resemble a military boot camp. During the 10 week class, you'll probably run sprints, perform push ups and various forms of plyometric and interval training with little rest between exercises.  These fitness classes have grown in popularity over the years primarily because they offer a new way to get a low-cost, efficient and challenging workout.  They definitely aren't for every exerciser, but with the right instructor, these fitness classes get fast results and create a  supportive and motivational community of like-minded people. The standard fitness boot camp class offers all or most of the following: a Warm up, a Workout Routine and a Cool down.  The Work-out Routine typically includes:  push-ups, plyometrics, squats, lunges, core work, burpees and sprints.  While there are still some instructors who act like drill sergeants, most fitness boot camp instructors offer encouragement rather than intimidation.  Many incorporate concepts of mind-body training and include poses from yoga.

The word yoga means "union".  We can think of the union occurring between the body, mind and spirit. Many people think of yoga is just stretching.  But while stretching is certainly involved, yoga is really about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility.  This is done through the performance of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits.  The poses can be done quickly in succession, creating heat in the body through movement (vinyasa-style yoga) or more slowly to increase stamina and perfect the alignment of the pose.  In addition to practicing the poses, yoga classes also include instruction on breathing, meditation/savasana and an inspirational reading by the teacher.
ZUMBA CLASSES:There is a new fitness hype sweeping the world, and not without good reason!  It's called Zumba which means 'moving fast and having fun.'  If you want to trim and slim your body in a party-like atmosphere, then this is the solution for you.  Zumba is dancing and swinging to Latin music. Salsa, Flamenco and Meringue; all styles are possible.  Lose weight by being active?  That is probably everybody's intention, but many of us give up.  With Zumba you don't notice that you are burning calories because it is so much fun!  After a couple of weeks you notice the difference.  We keep the choreography simple so that everybody who loves to dance can get fit!  Zumba classes are already available in over 40 countries, and is now available in Troy!!

Keywords: Fitness Boot Camp, Interval Training, Yoga