By: Idrisi  09-12-2011
Keywords: climate change, Remote Sensing, Earth System

Taiga is the name of the world’s largest biome – a vast circumpolar region south of the tundra zone in the northern hemisphere. Also known as the Boreal Forest, the Taiga is predominantly covered by coniferous forest, and commonly marked with poorly drained glacial depressions that form bogs (muskeg). We chose the name Taiga for Release 16 of the IDRISI system because it is emblematic of the risk we are now facing from climate change. Present trends exhibit a rate of temperature increase that exceeds the ability of the forest to adapt by relocation. The Taiga is thus on the frontline of the impact of climate change.

A major scientific and political problem in the climate change debate has been the lack of reliable observational data that could allay the criticisms of skeptics and opportunists. That era is now over. We are witnessing an explosion of earth observation data of an unprecedented quality. However, these data don’t reveal their gold easily. There are numerous distractions and contaminants such as clouds and unwanted sources of noise and variability.

With this release, we introduce the Earth Trends Modeler – the culmination of three years of intense research and development funded, in part, by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Google.org. The Earth Trends Modeler, like the previously developed Land Change Modeler, is another vertical application within IDRISI also directed to the major issues of human/environment relations. The Earth Trends Modeler is focused on the dynamics of the earth system and the problem of extracting information about its nature and evolution. It therefore lies at the forefront of what might be called Earth System Information Science.

This version is dedicated to the world-wide community of visionary earth system and remote sensing scientists who conceived of and developed the extraordinary constellation of satellite platforms, instruments and primary processing algorithms that now form our new earth observing system. Our task now is to build upon that base.

Keywords: climate change, Earth System, Remote Sensing,

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Earth Trends Modeler

The software is purpose-built for global change research and analysis, such as exploring climate events like El Niño or related sea surface temperature fluctuations and their geographic impacts. Earth Trends Modeler is fully integrated within the IDRISI GIS and Image Processing software, allowing for seamless data preprocessing, manipulation and analysis.



A complete Image Processing system with the most extensive hard and soft classifers in the industry, including machine learning classifiers such as neural networks and classification tree analysis, as well as image segmentation for classification.


Additional Tools

Workbook titles include Applications in Forestry, Applications in Coastal Zone Research & Management, GIS and Mountain Environments, and Applications in Hazard Assessment & Management. Series of workbooks, developed with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, exploring GIS techniques in major application areas.


Product Overview

The Land Change Modeler is revolutionary land cover change analysis and prediction software with tools to analyze, measure and project the impacts of such change on habitat and biodiversity. IDRISI Taiga, an integrated GIS and Image Processing software solution, provides nearly 300 modules for the analysis and display of digital spatial information.