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By: Idealshield  09-12-2011
Keywords: Steel Pipe, Bollard Cover

What size sleeve do I need?

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Reference Chart | OD= Outside Diameter

Steel pipe OD Ideal Sleeve Size
3.5" 3"
4'' 3.5"
4.5'' 4"
5.563'' 5"
6.625'' 6"
7.5'' 7"
8.625'' 8"
10.75'' 10"

Measuring pipe with concrete dome

  1. Measure the circumference, (distance around the post)
  2. Take that dimension and divide by pi (3.14)
    1. Example:
      1. Circumference = 21"
      2. 21/3.14 = 6.625"
  3. The bollard cover size you would need is a 6" cover

Ideal Shield Patented Installation Method

New Installation Methods!

Now you can install a 6" bollard cover over a smaller pipe size using our pipe expanding plastic base, or you can replace pipe altogether by using our pipe replacing plastic base.

Keywords: Bollard Cover, Steel Pipe

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