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(Typically these consultation appointments are billed at the standard hourly fee, minimum 1 hour.)

Restyle/redesign  –   It's not that you don't like your space or furnishings; it's more about the lack of flow, warmth and overall look. Redesign means rearranging your furnishings and accessories in such a way that they better define your style. I’ll restyle the things that you love so that your house feels like a home—your home.

Color Consultations  -  Nothing transforms a room like color. I’ll assist you in selecting the perfect color(s) to achieve a harmonious flow and provide accent throughout the rooms of your home.

Accessory selections   - To finish it off, I can offer you guidance in selecting finishing accents such as furniture, area rugs, fabrics, lighting, and decorative accessories to pull it all together.

Finish selections – I can recommend the right finish for the right application ensuring beauty, durability as well as working within  your budget.

Home Staging –   Buyers may become distracted by strong colors and clutter and overwhelmed by your personal belongings . Home staging will sell your home quickly and for top dollar.   Showcase your home’s selling features. Achieve dramatic results by using neutral colors, highlighting architectural features, removing clutter and ensuring your furniture and accessories compliment the space.

Drafting – whether you are doing it yourself or if you plan to hire a Builder, I can provide drawings for any construction projects from very small to permit drawings for 2 storey home additions. 

3D Color Renderings - Three-dimensional Renderings are an option for clients who are unable to visualize the end result. They provide an opportunity to see exactly what your room will look like BEFORE final execution.

Space Planning – Determine the most effective use of the space keeping both function and aesthetics in mind. 

Green Design – Provide sustainable/green choices for those who desire to remodel, furnish, or build in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Project Management – Manage your home renovation project from start to finish.  Provide the successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project.

Lighting Design – A well layered lighting design is not only functional but will accent and highlight your décor as well as affect the feel and mood of a space.

  • Ambient light refers to the general fill light that is necessary to function in a space.  Eg. Perimeter pot lights.
  • Task lighting is used in areas where specific tasks are performed with the main purpose of providing illumination for those functions.  Eg. Undercabinet lighting
  • Accent lighting is used to highlight certain features or elements within a space. Eg. Track lighting to highlight the texture on a stone fireplace.
  • Decorative lighting refers to the light fixture itself rather than the purpose for the light. In this case, the light fixture is the focus of attention and not necessarily what it's intended to illuminate. Eg. Decorative wall sconces.   

Keywords: Furnishings, Lighting

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