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By: Iddeas  09-12-2011

IDD AQUAFEW - Functional Electrolytic Water Systems

Fully automatic systems for producing POWERFUL cleaning and microbial control agents from WATER

We are using water and its natural properties to eliminate ORGANIC RESIDUES & BACTERIAL GROWTH. Our application using proprietary technology changes the molecular structure of water splitting the hydrogen molecules in water which we label as FEW-AL and FEW-AC.


  • An electrochemical process by which electrical energy is used to promote chemical reactions in a conducting solution with electrodes (anode +, cathode -)
  • Anions (Cl-, CO32-) are attracted to the anode and cations (Na+, Ca2+) are attracted to the cathode.
  • Oxidation (loss of electrons) occurs at the anode and reduction (gaining of electrons) occurs at the cathode. Redox potential (ORP) characterizes the activity of electrons in water.

FEW-AL; Alkaline 11.5 to 12pH water with a negative 1,100 ORP cleans tanks and pipe work and kills bacteria .

FEW-AC; Acidic 2.3 to 2.5pH water with a positive 1,150 plus ORP is a very powerful anti-microbial with a 6-log reduction of all bacteria, molds, viruses etc. in seconds.

The above parameters in water structure are not conducive to sustain the life of these pathogens. For Example, E Coli and Salmonella need an environment of around 6.5 to 8.1pH with an ORP greater than negative 100 to survive. If their ambient surroundings deviate from these parameters then the protein walls of their structure weaken and fracture killing them almost instantly.

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All systems include PLC and interface control, automatic and/or manually operated valves, pumps, recovery filtration systems, Oxine sanitizing activation and dosing systems, pH monitoring and dosing units for caustic and acid tanks. A variety of hose and fittings baths are available for the sanitizing and storage of process and product hoses and stainless steel fittings used in contact with product.


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Each module will consistently de-aerate water to <0.01ppm, blend to within 0.01% repeatability and carbonate the product (with the "CARBOMAT" in line analyzer and controller) up to 10g/l. IDD's water deaeration, blending and carbonation systems, are designed and manufactured to suit syrup, juice and beer blending and carbonation. The DBC's are S.S. skid mounted and range in output from 50 to 750 Hl/Hr.


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The IDD in-line Oxine dosing units are fully automatic with sensors and alarm control for dosing spring water product with low levels of Oxine for "in-package" microbial stabilization and Bromate elimination. These units are also adapted for dosing liquid concentrates into products such as minerals, fluoride, disinfectants, etc.


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Misinformation about pasteurization remains widespread more than 80 years after demonstration of its effectiveness" and more than 50 years after the publication of a comprehensive review concluding that pasteurization inactivates disease causing microbes without adverse effects on health or nutrition.