iDashboards Enterprise Edition Features

By: Idashboards  09-12-2011

User Framework

• Web-based Flash/ Flex user interface

• Supports all browser types: IE, Firefox,

  Safari, Chrome

• Secured log-in and role-based permissions

• Can display data from multiple

   data sources

• Intuitive and easy

• Access menu anywhere on the dashboard

• Dashboard and chart controls

• Almost zero end-user training

• No programming needed


• Drilldown to charts and other dashboards

• Drilldown to external URLs

• No limit on levels of in-depth drilldowns

• Auto filtering of data within a drilldown

• Pass user and context parameters

• Withhold all data values in a drilldown to

  avoid auto-filtering of destination charts

• Send all Y-coordinates along with

  X-coordinates for any given data point

  during drilldown

• Drilldown to update other frames within

  the same dashboard

Real-Time User Filtering

• Charts can include multiple pivots, 

  allowing users to select criteria

  to filter chart data

• Input Parameter controls

• Synchronized Pivots

Notes & Text

• Sticky notes on individual charts

• Embed text within dashboard

Flash & Images

• Embed simple Flash files

  within dashboard

• Embed images within dashboard

• Embed custom image as

  dashboard background

• Embed Flash widgets within dashboard

• Hyperlink embedded images to URLs

Excel Export-Import

• Export chart data into a spreadsheet

• Import spreadsheet data

• Use spreadsheets as live data sources

Print & Magnification

• Maximize individual charts

• Print dashboards and individual charts

User Personalization

• Users can customize their charts

  and dashboards

• Users may save to Personal category

• Data integrity is not impacted

• Change dashboard framework

  color and language

• A favorite dashboard that displays

  every time a user logs in

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iDashboards Products - Enterprise Edition, X Platform, In Cloud

IDashboards is a cost-effective Business Intelligence platform with all the features you expect from an enterprise-quality BI software. Organizations are adopting iDashboards as the corporate standard to deliver performance management, scorecards and business alerts.


Enterprise Edition System Requirements

IDashboards Application Server iDashboards is a J2EE Web Application, and must be deployed to a J2EE-compliant application server that implements the Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 or later specifications. IDashboards Repository Database An enterprise-class relational database, such as Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 is required, along with the correct JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) or ODBC drivers.


iDashboards Enterprise Edition

With implementations in days rather than months and an intuitive interface that lets users build their own cutting edge dashboards, this is a solution for those who will not settle for anything less than innovative dashboards that are straightforward and fun to use.


iDashboards X Platform

It scales from ten to tens of thousands of users and draws data from databases, data warehouses, spreadsheets, XML and other data sources to display all KPIs and metrics in a single location. X Platform requires no programming meaning you can be up and running in days rather than months with an intuitive interface that lets users build their own cutting edge dashboards.