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By: ICM  09-12-2011

ICM’s proven gasification technology was developed in the early 1980s, and it has been successfully tested and supported at 250 TPD rates by DOE. Our commercial-scale unit will be designed to operate at a 300-400 TPD rate, and it can be scaled up to 700 and 1000 TPD. It can also be scaled down to match the rate of our 150 TPD demonstration unit. All models are capable of handling multiple feedstocks, including:

  • Stover
  • Straw
  • Bran
  • Wood chips and bark
  • Refuse-derived fuel

How it works – Gasification is a process that heats and converts carbon-based feedstocks into a combustible fuel comprised largely of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. In the ICM gasifier, a limited amount of air is used to partially combust a fraction of the fuel. The heat generated breaks down the remaining feedstock to form a gas, commonly called syngas or producer gas. This highly combustible gas can be readily burned to provide process heat and steam or produce renewable electricity.

ICM advantages

Non-specific feedstock - One issue encountered with some gasifiers is that they have to have a specific feedstock with strict limits on size and moisture content. Our auger gasifier uses a large, slow turning auger to move feedstock through the gasifier. This offers the advantage of controlled retention time, allowing the feedstock flow to be slowed down or sped up, depending on needs.

Separate air zone stages and a gas bypass duct provide added control and flexibility, giving our equipment the ability to process a wide range of different feedstocks, including those with high-moisture content and minimal size reduction.

In-house fabrication – In-shop fabrication allows us to maintain a strict quality control chain throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensuring each piece of equipment meets our high quality standards. It also means that when your equipment needs system maintenance in the years to come, the same people who built your equipment will be on hand to travel to your facility to service it. This ICM-controlled fabrication process allows for very competitive pricing.

Carbon sequestration – The ICM gasifier is capable of generating a high-carbon ash co-product that can also be used as fertilizer for soil improvement as well as on-farm carbon sequestration.

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