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By: ICM  09-12-2011
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ICM is a full-service provider that offers practical solutions for drying, cooling, and conditioning needs. With an extensive background in grain, fiber, and particulate processing, we work with each customer to custom design and manufacture a turnkey system to meet your specific conditioning needs.

Precision engineering - All ICM rotary equipment undergoes a pre-design process to ensure proper sizing for specified load levels and retention. P.E.-certified mechanical analysis and available progressive finite element analysis provides assurance to design reliability, and innovative equipment configuration is designed for ease of use, making quick work of maintenance and parts replacement.

Quality manufacturing - Heavy-duty construction with durable components ensures long equipment life and low-maintenance, trouble-free operation. We impose exacting manufacturing standards to ensure precision movement, extending equipment life.

The ICM advantage - ICM’s proven experience and dedicated people are our greatest assets, and they make it easy to uphold our commitment to quality. Our technical specifications ensure :

  • Low maintenance requirements and environmentally conscious emission rates
  • Ease of operation and reliable performance
  • Energy efficiency and guaranteed dependability backed by warranty

We don’t simply take orders

Our goal is to work together with each client to do a thorough needs assessment and deliver the best-possible solution. Our experience, coupled with superior process technology, leads to turnkey solutions that are smart investments, both now and for the future. And our comprehensive support service list makes management of your ongoing needs as simple as picking up the phone.

From day one, ICM stands ready to assist you throughout the life of your conditioning equipment.

Please call Jim Seifert, our resident expert, to find out how we can work together to achieve your objectives. You can reach him at 316-977-6585.

In 1995, ICM, Inc., President and CEO Dave Vander Griend saw a need in the ethanol industry for a safer, more efficient distillers grain dryer. So, he hired a small group of employees to build one, and ICM was born.

ICM installed that first dryer in 1996, and we’ve since become a premier provider of drying, cooling, and conditioning equipment. Our workmanship has earned us a hard-won reputation for developing creative and efficient systems that achieve even the most challenging objectives.

Indirect- and direct-fired rotary dryers

ICM dryers produce uniform product consistency and are ideal for dehydrating fine particles and those sensitive to combustion. Their dependability and durability have made them the preferred drying solution for the ethanol industry. In fact, ICM has built 251 rotary gas-fired dryers for biofuels applications.

Features/Benefits - Engineered to utilize flexible fuel sources, ICM dryers eliminate the need for separate steam generators. Additional benefits include an indirect heat source for added safety and precision-engineered internal flighting for maximum heat transfer and uniform product processing. A hot-gas recovery system with automated dampers controls throughput. State-of-the art instrumentation provides real-time readings of system temperatures and pressures, as well as product moisture. Additionally, automation package is capable of controlling system pressures and product temperature. Safety features include OSHA-compliant guarding and Complete Burner Management Control System.

Timing – The planning and customer review process that occurs before you ever sign a purchase order significantly cuts our production and installation timeline by pre-identifying a plan of action. From purchase order to installation, typical timeline runs from 18-22 weeks.

Steam tube dryers

In 2006, ICM purchased the intellectual property of Davenport Machine Company. With this acquisition, we gained the advantage of more than 100 years of design experience. Included in this purchase, we also obtained Stearns-Rogers IP for dryers. In addition, our customized design incorporates proprietary purge seals for efficiency in high-pressure applications.

To date, we have leveraged and built upon that technology to manufacture 13 rotary steam-tube systems, demonstrating our ability to provide excellent solutions for steam-powered drying and cooking. We also have experience refurbishing systems designed by another technology provider.

Features/Benefits – Our steam tubes offer controllable dehydration through conduction, low sweep gas volume, purged seals for substantial positive and negative operation, low-temp drying capabilities, and high efficiency through low gas volume exit temperature.
Applications – Our dryers can be sized to meet any drying need. Common applications include:

  • Grain
    • Distillers grain (DDG, DDGS)
    • Spent brewers grain
    • Corn germ
    • Canola
    • Soy beans
  • Fibers
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Plastics
  • Industrial, municipal, & agricultiral waste and sludge
  • Construction materials
    • Sand and gravel
    • Limestone and potash
    • Aggregate
    • Rock
    • Clay
  • Virtually any other particulate matter
Timing –

Because of the extensive engineering and pre-planning that goes into your project, from the day the purchase order is signed, we expect delivery to happen within a 28-30 week timeframe for orders placed within North America. Because our large manufacturing facility is designed to accommodate large production volumes, timeline for multilple orders is not linear. For orders of more than one unit, customers can expect an additional two weeks per unit. For example, an order of two drums would take 30-32 weeks, and an order for four would take 34-36 weeks.

ICM solutions please your accountant & Mother Nature

As we develop a scope of work for our clients, we often uncover unique opportunities to further reduce energy consumption by taking advantage of existing in-house or over-the-fence energy resources to help power your system. We have extensive experience in energy balance and steam loads, and we look forward to working with you to discover opportunities to recycle energy within your facility.

ICM delivers premium turnkey solutions for a wide variety of cooling and conditioning needs. We have installed 25 custom-built product conditioning and cooling drums, with another six scheduled for installation within the next year.

Water tube coolers

ICM’s water tube coolers provide exceptional solutions for high-temperature applications. Combining cold water and air in a rotating shell, our cooling drums utilizes the power of conduction to transfer heat away from your product as it tumbles over an array of internal tubes.

Features/Benefits – Our water tube conditioners provide maximum effectiveness by incorporating: discharge pipes for regulated water flow; welded splash rings to channel water flow: spiral intake flights to facilitate material movement and reduce plugging; and counter-flow air supply flow to ensure more positive air flow, improved product suspension, and constant temperature.

Rotary air coolers

When airflow alone is the best way to lower product temperature, our rotary air coolers provide maximum efficiency through the use of ambient air or air chillers.

Features/Benefits – We customize the flighting for maximum product suspension and heat transfer. As with all of our systems, vessel size is matched to your needs.

Thermal oxidization systems exceed Best Available Control Technology (BACT) requirements
Classified as best-available control technology, ICM thermal oxidizers deliver the best reduction in dryer atmospheric emissions and odor control available. In fact, ICM Thermal Oxidizers reduce emissions by more than 99%.

We support all models of conditioning equipment from all manufacturers.

Spare and Replacement Parts

– ICM offers a full line of OEM replacement parts for our systems, and we offer a comprehensive list of parts for systems designed by other providers as well.

A partial list includes:

  • Bearings
  • Gears
  • Pinions
  • Tires
  • Trunnions & thrust rolls
  • Shafts
  • Seals
  • Steam gaskets
  • Tubes
  • Manifolds
  • Hoses
  • Vents

ICM provides a dedicated customer support department, offering 24/7 emergency support. We’re ready to serve you with immediate technical advice. Our responsive field support staff is backed by an extensive spare parts inventory and a fleet of planes and trucks for rapid mobilization.

We support all models of conditioning equipment from all manufacturers.


– From reconditioning, retrofitting, and technology updates to maintenance solutions, ICM wants to be your one-stop service provider. We service both ICM and non-ICM equipment, offering technical support and inspection services as well as repair and replacement services. We are in the process of hand-picking a selection of respected service providers across a wide spectrum of industries to provide comprehensive field support services as well.

A partial list of services includes:

  • Process evaluation
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Condition Monitoring
  • System troubleshooting and inspections
  • Reconditioning
  • Infrared detection
  • Environmental services
  • System startups and shutdowns
  • Recommended spare parts program
On-site training

– Operators are brought up to speed with proven startup training, while new employees benefit from ongoing training.

Unparlleled support

– ICM stands ready to assist you throughout the life of your equipment. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction, and we have developed our systems to ensure both. For ease of reference, we keep your records on file to facilitate spare parts orders and maintenance requests. We also provide customers with a 24-hour HOTLINE supported by an emergency response team.

Keywords: Dryers, Turnkey Solutions

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