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By: Icet Inc  09-12-2011
Keywords: Heavy Metal, Fuel Cell, Fuel Cells


* Carbon and Polymer surface modifications

* Antimicrobial formulations and coatings

* Microbial assays

* Electrochemical and enzymatic sensors

* Industrial waste-water treatments

* Electrochemistry

* Fuel cells, batteries, & supercapacitors

* Gas diffusion electrodes

* Membrane electrode assemblies

* Precious metal & Macrocyclic catalysts

* Electro-Inorganic processes

* Chlor-alkali, chlorate and hypochlorite


* Tailor made biocompatible antimicrobial formulations

* Chemical and Biological protective fabrics, filters and materials.

* Custom-designed Mercury and heavy metal removal (e.g. lead) cartridges

* Membrane electrode assemblies

* Anode and cathode electrocatalysts for electrochemical processes

* Lab-size fuel cell test hardware

* Gas diffusion electrodes

Keywords: Fuel Cell, Fuel Cells, Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal Removal