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By: Icelogic  09-12-2011

An entertainment media business is almost impossible to build from the ground up without any help in today's world. What sort of computer system do you need? How should you decide what type of inventory system you want to use? What about when something goes wrong?

The ICE Database, through its partnership with , can supply a complete, all-in-one solution to retailers and wholesalers. Hundreds of thousands of product listings are integrated seamlessly into the Envoy Retail Point of Sale and Envoy Wholesale distribution system. Database updates are unattended in these comprehensive software packages which are the result of years of development.

The ICE Database combined with Icelogic software is a combination that's unbeatable.

Part of our goal at The ICE Database is to be as flexible as possible. No matter what your situation entails, we can help you work around the roadblocks and give you a solution!

Do you have your own POS system already? No problem, we can provide you with a secure data feed that fully integrates into your already established foundation. Are you a wholesaler with no need for a POS system? The ICE Database can provide you with a stable and tested source for data and help you make sure you're doing business to the best of your ability.

No matter what type of business you are involved in, from B2B to E-commerce, the ICE Database can work with whatever you have. Like the last missing piece of the puzzle, ICE will fit into your business like it was made to be there!

From big-time Hollywood movie studios to small-town recording labels, the best way to maximize your chances at success is to list your information with The ICE Database. You supply us with the information about your titles, we enter it into our database and make it available to all of our retail clients. You can manage your own product listings easily and efficiently using our internet client login.

How To Get Your Information Listed in The ICE Database:

If you wish to have your music products listed with ICE, we require the following information (minimum) in Excel or delimited format:





UPC Barcode

Order Number



Street Date

Please contact us for pricing schedule and further information.

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