Ice Buddy Systems Product

By: Ice Buddy Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Storage, Water, Ice

The ICE BUDDY™ is a portable survival system that enables ice, water, medication, and emergency supplies to be stored and transported easily.The ICE BUDDY™ provides the solution to the following pressing emergency preparedness questions:

  • How do we preserve potable ice and water?
  • How do we preserve medication?
  • How do we enable portability of ice and water?
  • How do we preserve short-term food reserves?

The ICE BUDDY™ is a storage mechanism with two independent modules that can be integrated to form a complete system.

The top module is an advanced cooling unit with an internal double hulled core. The top portion of the ICE BUDDY™ has been designed for the storage of emergency supplies. The primary focus is on providing storage for medication requiring extended cooling (e.g. insulin and other injectables), daily medications (e.g. blood pressure, anti-convulsion, psychopharmacological medication), related medical supplies (e.g. syringes, sterile wipes), and emergency food supplies.

The bottom module of the ICE BUDDY™ unit is the actual "Buddy" portion of this two phase design. Its primary function is to serve as an ice storage unit for an extended period of time. As the ice melts in the inner chamber, it is captured in a specially prepared, food/health grade lining. The bag can hold up to 7 lbs of commercially available ice that will eventually melt and become water which can be accessed via a spigot. The inner chamber of the "Buddy" is made of a lining that extends the melting time of the ice, providing an additional cooling source for items that are temperature — sensitive.

Keywords: Emergency Preparedness, Ice, medication, Storage, Water