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By: Icc Ohio  09-12-2011
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ICC Business Intelligence | IT Consulting Services

ICC is recognized as an innovative leader in providing Business Intelligence Solutions. We enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage by developing forward thinking Data Management, Reporting and Analytics solutions that focus on their needs and demands. For our clients, data becomes a usable asset rather than a burden. We provide our clients:

  • Information Management solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of managing terabytes and petabytes of data.
  • Accelerated delivery of key business metrics and dashboards with Agile Business Intelligence.
  • Onshore Data Integration Solutions at offshore prices, while increasing speed and quality.
  • Mobile BI solutions that offer compelling, interactive information anytime, anywhere in the palm of our client’s hand.

Information Management

ICC’s Information Management solutions pull together data from various information technology systems, allowing our clients to gain competitive advantages using strategic reporting and analytics engines. We empower our clients by giving them access to information when they need it, in order to make decisions in line with corporate goals and strategy. ICC’s Information Management solutions fulfill the needs of both IT and business leaders.

  • Better Insight with Reporting and Analytics – Provide a long-term strategy that enables our clients to gain a competitive advantage with strategic reporting and analytics.
  • Effectively Manage Big Data – Turn unstructured data across the organization into a usable asset by giving our clients the ability to manage large volumes of data while keeping up with growing data and user demands.
  • High Performance Data Warehouse Solutions – Provide high performance, purpose built, solutions that make reporting and advanced analytics simpler, faster and more accessible while reducing administrative and technical support costs.

Agile Business Intelligence

ICC has developed an Agile delivery model for Business Intelligence that delivers high performance solutions that meet our clients’ data management, reporting and analytic demands. ICC’s development approach can help you effectively reduce costs while systematically advancing your Business Intelligence solutions. We apply Agile principles to our development to condense your total time to develop and deploy business intelligence solutions.

  • Saved Time and Resources – Rather than spending time on producing documentation that has very little value, a prototype is developed representing our clients’ desired end-state. The prototype allows our clients to avoid labor intensive requirement gathering processes.
  • Validated Solution Ahead of Time – By using ICC’s methods to develop a prototype our clients are able to clarify their needs and solidify their requirements because they are using the final solution to validate and clarify their expectations as they go.
  • Reduced Overall Project Risk and Cost – By taking the time to prototype in the initial stages of the project life cycle, the ICC team is able to fully understand and validate our client’s business needs. This allows ICC to minimize cost and risk for our clients.

ICC’s Information Factory — Onshore Delivery at Offshore Prices

  • Increased speed and Reduced Cost – The Information Factory creates trusted data management solutions, that use leading ETL tools (Microsoft SSIS, IBM DataStage, Informatica PowerCenter, Business Objects Data Services).  These solutions are developed 2 -3 times faster at a reduced rate.
  • Increased Quality – The Information Factory has a 0% defect guarantee for data integration initiatives.  Higher quality solutions allow your BI team improved results when creating reporting and analytics solutions.
  • Saved Time and Resources  – Our clients spend less time and resources managing offshore vendors by using the Information Factory located in Columbus, Ohio.

Mobile BI

As technology continues to advance in tablet and smartphone technology and 3G/4G networks, ICC understands the importance of turning mobile devices into a reliable business tool. Whether it’s your existing reporting and analytics solution or a newly developed solution we give our clients access to their data on any hand-held device.

  • Data Anywhere, Anytime – Access to dashboards, scorecards and detailed reports on tablets, smartphones and other hand-held devices. In other words, our clients can do the same thing on a mobile device that they can do at their desk.
  • Turn Data into Action – Decisions are not just made in the office. ICC’s mobile business intelligence solutions provide our clients with trusted information to make informed decisions when they need it, where they need it.
  • Time to Value – Our clients can leverage existing Business Intelligence solutions with little to no new development on those systems.  Our Mobile BI solutions provide users visualizations in weeks instead of months.

Keywords: information management, Information Technology, It Consulting, It Consulting Services

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