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By: Icallservices  09-12-2011


iCall's clients include local, regional, and nationally recognized companies in many different industries.  Whether you need customer support for your catalog, internet site, a marketing initiative, or technical support for a software program, we continuously work with our agents to the point you'll think they are in your facility. 

Our center is completely integrated with skills-based routing functionality and we've successfully utilized it successfully in a shared environment to consistently deliver a low-cost, quality experience for your callers.  This success allows us to direct calls or e-mails, based on reason, to agents equipped with the skill sets required to deliver a first-contact resolution to your customers.

This functionality reduces your operating expense by:

  • Reducing the frequency of multiple contacts made by the same customer to resolve a single issue.
  • Mitigation of internal or external call transfers to other departments, which puts your customer on hold and extends your call time.
  • Improves customer satisfaction by having the issue reach the right rep, with the right skill sets, on the first try!