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By: I.t. Isin Solutions  09-12-2011

Services « I.T. ISIN Solutions

Protection, Support and Consulting

Viruses, Malicious software and Spam e-mails are the most significant challenges to most computer systems*. When combined with deficient updates, operating system issues, and software/hardware conflicts, you can quickly become overwhelmed with how to get back to normal.

We provide you with predictable, reliable and affordable computer systems management and data integrity that will have your systems performing consistently.

We do this by:

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*BBC News quoting Microsoft Security report (2009)

-      200 billion spam messages are sent each day

-      8.6 computers per thousand are currently infected machines per thousand

-      Document and files are increasingly being targeted by hackers

-      Lost productivity due to computer issues was 21.58 billion dollar (2004)

* Semantic recorded over 3 billion mail attacks in 2010

* The Rustock Bot has over 1,000,000 machines under its control.

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