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By: I-plexus Solutions  09-12-2011

i-Plexus Solutions :: Solutions :: Print and Mail Services

The Value of the Modern Patient Statement with Online Access

Our patient statements are crisp and clear digitally imprinted documents that reduce the incident of patient phone calls and the confusion that is typically associated with "old style" patient statements. We offer:

  • Your practice address and practice logo displayed promptly
  • Credit Card Logos for easy identification
  • A Bar Code line for scanning a payment
  • Post Net Bar Code for Expedient Delivery
  • Custom Formatting to your practices specifications
  • An area on the statement for practice specific messages
  • Access to the patient statement and patient statement history on our web site.
  • The ability for your patients to pay online via credit card on a custom practice header page web site with your practices merchant ID.

We can deliver color printing for the price of what you currently pay for black and white.

You can review our patient statement templates below:

Collection Letters

Brief note, pre-collect and final notice letters are customized to meet your specific needs. We also deliver these collection letters with a background that makes the envelop looks like it contains a check.thus increasing the chances that the patient will open up the envelop versus tossing it aside.

You can review our collection letter and final notice templates below:

More Payments and Less Confusion

Print and Mail Services including patient statements and paper claims are an important part of Healthcare revenue collections.

Attempting this task in-house can lead not only to delays in printing and mailing but increased processing costs.

i-Plexus offers an outsourced solution that is both cost effective and efficient, allowing personnel to be assigned to other tasks. No printing, stuffing, sealing, or stamping necessary.

The i-Plexus Solution offers web based or FTP file acceptance. We accept many file formats and provide a simple easy to read and easy to understand patient statement.

Our goal is to simplify the process of getting your self pay revenue to you in a timely and affordable manner.

Avoid the Paper Trap

Printing statements and paper claims in house not only takes up personnel time but it takes up space for both equipment and paper and envelope inventory

Printing folding and stuffing equipment can not only be expensive to purchase but costly to maintain.

You may not be able to benefit from economies of scale for either your inventory or your postage.

i-Plexus has the solution. Just send us one of any number of file formats and we will print and mail your paper claims and patient statements.

The available reports will allow you to monitor the status of your print job and when printing and mailing has occurred.

Verification of deliverable addresses is a free part of the process and address forwarding is available

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