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By: I-plexus Solutions  09-12-2011

i-Plexus allows you to track and monitor claim status by assigning one of 11 different codes to your claim. This claim status is updated several times a day based on technical responses, reports and ERA payments/denials that i-Plexus receives back form the payer or the payer's intermediary.

This is a report that is generated "on demand" that allows you to keep track of the status of your claim much like "Federal Express" allows you to track the status of their packages. We assign one of the following 11 statuses with a date and time stamp next to each of your claims so that you know where your claim stands in its life cycle from submission through payment or denial. This type of "claim status reporting" is normally offered at a much higher price point from a few of the clearinghouses and is essentially absent from majority of the clearinghouses. With i-Plexus, we deliver this claim status feature as part of our every day competitive pricing.

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You have access to the latest rules and regulations for most managed care insurance providers in your state, including up-to-date names and addresses of every participating specialist, by plan. Importing your transactions into your practice management system is easy, and most of the major systems are already importing this data.


Professional Healthcare or Medical Billing

Under this plan we provide the full service of demographic entry, charge entry, insurance billing, balance billing of the patient, insurance follow up, patient follow up, patient statements, receiving calls from your patients, and full management reports.


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We also deliver these collection letters with a background that makes the envelop looks like it contains a check.thus increasing the chances that the patient will open up the envelop versus tossing it aside. Print and Mail Services including patient statements and paper claims are an important part of Healthcare revenue collections.


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With the appropriate module in your practice management system, you can automatically create payment and adjustment records in your receivables system from the data in these files. I-Plexus is able to receive electronic remittance files from hundreds of payers nationwide and deliver them to you in both machine readable and human readable format.


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Through our anesthesia knowledge and our automated work flow systems, we make sure that your claims never fall into this category. We have experience with transesophageal echocardiography and invasive lines, discontinuous time, and critical care services. We understand nuances relating to defining base and time units and calculating concurrency. Our management team has over 30 years of combined anesthesia billing experience.


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I-Plexus assigns 11 different claim status codes to assist you in knowing exactly what the status of your claim is 24 hours day/7 days a week. With the i-Plexus Claim Editor, you can track your claims much like you would with "Federal Express". We use that experience to continuously improve on our clearinghouse services.