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By: I Came For The Food  09-12-2011

Porcini mushroom poutine.

The Brasserie, from the owners of Muse, offers french-inspired bistro fare. They serve sandwiches, mussels and frites, and bouillabaisse. But I care only about the poutine, of which there are four varieties. There’s the classic poutine with gravy, fries and cheese curds ($12), pork hock poutine with duck gravy, foie gras poutine with truffle oil ($17.50), and a truffled porcini mushroom gravy poutine ($13.50). The foie gras feels like overkill and I’m not in the mood for pork hock. Mushroom gravy poutine it is.

Duck confit poutine.

For those who live in Canada and have never tried this high cholesterol treat that originates from Quebec, you MUST eat it or you cannot really call yourself Canadian. Made up of equal parts French fries, cheese curds and gravy, the poutine is one of the reasons why Canada is so awesome. In Quebec, the cheese curds are so fresh they “squeak” when you chew on them.

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