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Powerful Weight-Loss Formula1,2

  • Subjects Lost More Weight Than Dieting Alone1,2
  • Significantly Reduce BMI1,2
  • Reformulated in 2010 with Key Weight-Loss Ingredients Clinically Proven in Two Separate Clinical Trials
  • Increase Energy3
  • Fast-Dissolving, Rapid-Release Caplets
  • Backed by Our 100% Quality Commitment

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut™ - It Really Works!

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut is a weight-loss innovation from America's #1 Selling Weight-Loss Supplement Brand.♦♦ The Hydroxycut™ brand is a leader with a 15-year commitment to excellence! Adding Pro Clinical Hydroxycut™ to a diet and exercise plan gives you the power to lose weight. Test subjects experienced significant weight-loss results as shown in 12- and 8-week studies!1,2

Lose Weight and Reduce BMI with Clinically Proven Key Weight-Loss Ingredients!1,2

The clinically tested key ingredient combination is proven effective in clinical studies to provide powerful weight-loss results versus diet alone.1,2

1 In one 12-week third-party, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, test subjects using the key ingredients ( Alchemilla vulgaris, Olea europaea, Cuminum cyminum, Mentha longifolia) lost an average of 20.94 lbs. versus the placebo group, who lost an average of 1.70 lbs. Test subjects also significantly reduced BMI versus the placebo group (10.2% vs. 0.9%). Both groups followed a calorie-reduced diet.
2 In another study that lasted 8 weeks and was funded by the makers of Hydroxycut™, test subjects using the same key ingredients lost an average of 16.50 lbs. vs. 1.73 lbs. for the placebo group. Test subjects also significantly reduced BMI versus the placebo group (8.1% vs. 0.8%). Both groups followed a calorie-reduced diet.


Based on IRI/F/D/MX dollar sales data for

12 weeks ending 12/26/10.

Increase Energy for Your Busy Lifestyle!

3 Pro Clinical Hydroxycut also contains an ingredient (caffeine anhydrous [1,3,7-trimethylxanthine]) that supports increased energy, so you can keep up with your busy lifestyle!

Subjects Lost 7 Times More Weight

Data analysis of the results from both clinical trials on the key ingredients in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut™ showed there is statistical significance for test subjects having lost 7 times more weight than placebo subjects.

Rapid-Release Caplet Technology

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut™ is encased with rapid-release caplet technology - designed for enhanced solubility and quick dispersal.

The 100% Quality Commitment

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut™ is subject to rigorous quality controls. Third-party scientific experts review our ingredients so you get a quality product you can trust. Get the results you want! Get Pro Clinical Hydroxycut™ today!

Weight Loss Your Way - Flexible, Convenient Formats
for Your Lifestyle

While all of our Pro Clinical Hydroxycut formulas have their own unique features, they've all been carefully designed using the same clinically proven key weight-loss ingredients. That means you don't have to pick just one formula if you don't want to! You can interchange servings of Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Rapid-Release Caplets, Instant Drink Packets or the Caffeine-Free formula to suit your lifestyle. With Pro Clinical Hydroxycut, you have an effective weight-loss formula, no matter where or when you need it!

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Keywords: Energy, Exercise Plan, lose weight

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