Control - Water Control System for Concrete Mixing Applications

By: Hydronix  09-12-2011

The Hydro-Control VI is a stand alone unit that can be connected to a batch control system to easily enable the transfer of mix cycle information. With features such as automatic receipe selection and a colour touch screen display the unit was designed for simplicity of use and integration into existing control systems.

The unit has been designed as a direct replacement for the Hydro-Control V to provide an easy upgrade path with minimum disruption to production. With a choice of water addition modes the Hydro-Control VI is the most versatile stand alone moisture control system available.

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Hydro-Probe Orbiter - Digital Moisture Sensor for Rotating Pan, Static and Planetary Mixers

Originally supplied to the concrete industry, the Hydro-Probe Orbiter can also be mounted as a static sensor underneath a bin or above a belt conveyor and is therefore easily adaptable for use in other industries such as sand, aggregates, cereal, animal feed and fish meal.


Hydro-Mix VII Flush Mounted Sensor for Moisture Measurement in Mixers

Designed by Hydronix to be installed in the turbulent environment of a mixer, the Hydro-Mix features integral signal processing and is easily connected to any control system. The Hydro-Mix VII is a rugged, flush mounted microwave moisture measurement sensor for mixers, chutes and conveyors in process control environments.


Hydro-Probe II - Digital Microwave Moisture Sensor for Bins, Chutes and Conveyors

Measurements are taken 25 times per second as the material passes over or around the sensor head, meaning that the sensor can rapidly detect changes in moisture levels. This ensures that the manufacturer can continually produce a consistent, quality product and reduce costs by limiting the amount of wasted or spoilt materials.


Thermo-Tuff Industrial Temperature Sensor for Concrete Mixers and Aggregate Bins

This sensor outclasses its rivals by taking advantage of high speed, high accuracy electronics, thermally isolated from their surroundings to achieve the fastest possible temperature response. Designed for measurement in bulk materials and mixing applications, it is especially suited for use in the harshest of environments such as concrete mixers and aggregate bins.


Moisture Measurement from Hydronix - Sensors and Controls

Originally developed for use in the concrete and aggregates industry, Hydronix digital microwave sensors are now used across a diverse range of applications which use bins, mixers, and conveyors during their processing and where accurate moisture levels are critical to the consistency and quality of the finished product.