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By: Huron Water Conditioning  09-12-2011
Keywords: Water Softener, Hard Water, Magnesium

Bring in a water sample and we will test it for FREE & recommend the water softener that is right for your home or business.

We maintain all makes & models

Payment Plans & Rental Equipment Available

Salt Delivery Available Across Huron County & Surrounding Area

With soft water;

  • There will be no more hard water scale in your bathtubs, sinks, dishwasher, or on your fixtures
  • Reduced cleaning time & money spent on cleaning products
  • Your skin and hair will be soft and smooth
  • Whiter, brighter laundry

  • Q: What is hard water?
  • A: Hard water is simply water that contains calcium and magnesium compounds. The more calcium and magnesium the water contains, the harder it is. Calcium and magnesium are mainly found in bedrock. When it rains, water percolates through the ground and dissolves some of this rock. This is how calcium and magnesium end up in our water in the first place. Water that comes from wells is typically much harder than water that comes from lakes or rivers. In order to make water soft, the calcium and magnesium containing compounds need to be taken out. This is accomplished by a water softener.

  • Q: How hard is my water?
  • A: Bring a sample to Huron Water & we will test your water at NO CHARGE, and we will recommend the right equipment for you.

  • Q: How does a water softener make water soft?
  • A: Softeners work through ion exchange. The process uses particles of man made resin that have the ability to exchange calcium and magnesium ions, and replace with sodium ions, resulting in soft water.

Keywords: Hard Water, Magnesium, Water Softener

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