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By: Hugo Messenger  09-12-2011

Exclusive Same Day Service

When you want your package to arrive today, we can provide prompt pick-up and delivery anywhere in the NY Metro Area. We have experienced dispatchers and reliable courier staff available at all times. With a fleet of "buggies" and a wide variety of trucks available we make sure all your packages get to their destination on-time!

Air Courier Service

We can also provide prompt pick-up and delivery anywhere in the USA. And same day service!.. provided you give us 12-24 hrs. advanced notice. Recently, we received a desperate call from an advertising agency to pick up an oversized package in Westchester, NY and deliver it to Cincinnati, OH. Same day! Well, that oversized presentation board was picked up from our client by 10:30am and it arrived at its destination (in excellent condition) at 5:30pm same day. Needless to say, our client was extremely happy and they made the presentation the same evening.

Overnight Delivery

Hugo Messenger also provides domestic service – prompt pick-up and delivery – anywhere in the USA.


We also offers storage space in our facility complete with high ceilings, alarm system, air conditioning, heating and sprinkler systems. Loading docks and drive-in capabilities.


Our services include distribution. We can store your packages for a determined amount of time and deliver them for your convenience.