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By: Hr Assessment  09-12-2011

Hampton Roads Assessment Center

The Hampton Roads Assessment Center offers a variety of occupational and leadership competency assessments to assist in the hiring, coaching and development of your employees. In today's competitive marketplace it is imperative that you have employees that can perform at a higher level. Making decisions about who can perform at this level requires more information than a standard interview process can provide. Our battery of assessments can assist in hiring all types of employees from sales, customer service, management and labor positions. Additionally many of our products are geared toward coaching and developing existing employees to higher levels of performance. All of our products are web based, meaning you have instant access to the results plus you can share the results of any assessment electronically with other co-workers. Make the decision today to hire the people who can take your company to the next level of performance. Call us and we will show you how!
Our battery of assessments include: (

        • Productivity
        • Quality of Work
        • Initiative
        • Teamwork
        • Problem Solving
        • Adapting to Change
        • Response to Stress and Conflict
        • Work Motivation
        • Motivational Energy

    The report helps you understand how an individual is effectively understood, motivated, and managed. It is economical and is quick to take, making it an ideal choice for your business.

          • take charge, be assertive, and take control of a situation
          • be outgoing, to be people-oriented and extroverted
          • be patient, tolerant and understanding of others
          • be concerned with accuracy, details and exactness
          • be competitive, to have a desire to win, to be aggressive
          • have a positive attitude regarding people and outcomes
          • be easy going and casual, to take things as they come
          • like identifying and analyzing problems
          • be concerned with timely results and quick to take action
          • show emotions and share feelings
          • be a part of the team who works well with others
          • be concerned with standards and high quality work

      Effective teams achieve important objectives such as cutting costs, improving productivity, meeting quality control objectives and solving problems.

      • - The Organizational Management Analysis is another step in the CheckPoint 360°Competency Feedback System. The report is designed to give an overview of the information obtained from the completed CheckPoints of a given group of your managers. The information contained in this report will provide a factual summary of the perception of your management group with input from your managers’ bosses, peers, and direct reports. In its broadest sense, the report includes information to examine the culture of your company. It provides valuable insight regarding alignment of your management group to your company’s goals and objectives. This report can also be used to gather information related to the expectations for the human capital aspects of your company’s long-term strategic objective.

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