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By: Howegroup  09-12-2011

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Recognizing that communication across the entire organization is one of the fundamental elements for successful projects and programs, we work with teams to develop, improve and sustain sound communications structures. We engage all levels of organizations to develop communications plans and to implement strategic goals that align with organizational priorities.  


We work with all stakeholders to develop strategic plans. Starting by understanding the organization’s needs and developing/aligning with its vision, we facilitate sessions with all levels of staff to develop measurable goals and objectives. We provide leaders with the tools to monitor achievements and use the strategic plan as a working document.

We lead organizations through the process of measuring and managing performance by developing and analyzing client satisfaction surveys. We make sound recommendations based on stakeholder feedback. We work with teams to develop Key Performance Indicators to ensure strategies are successful. We develop and train staff to use executive dashboards as a way of monitoring performance and aligning with organizational priorities.

We support organizations to develop new programs and services by developing strong business cases that complement and strengthen the strategic direction. We work with leadership teams to develop governance structures designed to yield maximum benefit and alignment with partner organizations.

We work with teams to develop evaluation frameworks at the onset of programs and projects. Our approach includes designing logic models to illustrate short term and long term outcomes. We use these outcomes as the primary evaluation measures. To build capacity and spread knowledge gained throughout the process we capture lessons learned and develop recommendations grounded in stakeholder experience.

We believe in engaging all levels of stakeholders, from top Executives to front line staff. We consult with individuals and teams through focus groups, public forums, conferences and in-depth interviews. We listen and we ground our recommendations in what stakeholders have to say.

Using change management principles, we work with teams to nurture and enhance organizational performance and development. We work with senior leadership teams to conduct workplace culture analysis through the use of surveys and in depth interviews. We work with all levels of organizations to improve the culture, strengthen the team and strive for optimal performance.

We manage projects by creating workplans with clear deliverable and milestones developed through stakeholder consultation.  Measures of success are collaboratively developed and used to track progress.