By: Howard Starting Gate  09-12-2011
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* Howard Starting Gate Co. builds 4 to 10 position mobile starting gates. This means 4 to 10 horses wide. A 10 position gate can be broken down to be used as a 6 or 8 position gate.* The machine is mounted in the rear of the vehicle with extending gates that swing from the side of the vehicle to the back.* Each starting gate requires a driver for the car and a starter for the starting gate. The driver steers and stops the vehicle, while the starter has conrtol of the vehicles's speed and the operation of the starting gate.* Each starting gate is built of steel and is powered by an electrical system that maintains its power from the vehicle's battery and alternator.* The starting gates are painted the color of the vehicle or the color the customer desires.* The starting cab can be set up to have one chair or two.*Howard Starting Gates are mounted on: Lincoln Town Cars, Pick Up Trucks, Avalanches, Suburbans, Cadillacs, Limousines, and Excursions. These vehicles must be rear wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicles. * The build time of a Howard Starting Gate is approximately
6 to 8 weeks.* Howard Starting Gate Co. is the designer and builder of the staggered and full slant starting gates. These put the 10 position 16 feet ahead of the 1 position, giving the 5 to 10 position a more fair advantage.* Any Howard Starting Gate can  be made into a staggered start system and can easily be changed back to a straight start system.* A slant start system is a permanent system custom manufactured when ordered.* Also available are 4 position training gates. Training gates can be used on full size or smaller pick-up trucks, and can be easily removed for normal use of the pick-up truck. Training Gates can be operated by the driver.* Howard Starting Gate Co. can also recondition your old Howard Starting Gate to new condition and install it onto a new or newer used vehicle.

Keywords: Pick-up Trucks, Starting Gates, vehicle,