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While buying a new home may be the biggest investment you'll ever make and is
very exciting; it can quickly become overwhelming. The home you have selected
may appear to be just what you've been looking for, but there may be potentially
serious unknown defects which can make your investment in your future a costly

TYPES OF HOME INSPECTIONS: Regardless of the reason for an inspection, they are all performed in the same
manner and will generate the same report. All inspections conform to  the
American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice and Code of
Ethics. Your home inspection is an analysis of the structure, potential fire
hazards, home safety, and health risks to you and your family. The inspection
will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge about your new home and
an understanding of its components and systems as well as home
maintenance tips and information to help you protect your investment. I will
thoroughly inspect your home including the structure, drainage, electrical,
plumbing, heating and cooling, roof, ventilation, and interior. Buyer's Home Inspections:
In this day and age, it is almost inconceivable that someone would purchase a
house without having a home inspection done. Without question, it is the best
investment and precaution you can make in the buying process. The potential
savings in relation to the low cost of the inspection, is truly hard to beat. You can
be assured that I will take the time to not only perform a thorough and detailed
inspection, but walk through the entire home explaining any defects as well as
maintenance items. I will explain how systems work so you know and feel
comfortable with your home. Pre-Listing Home Inspections:
Think of all that goes into selling a home..the cleaning, the garage sale, the
worry, the uncertainty, finding the mortgage professional to get a new loan, and
then finding a real estate professional to sell the house. Unfortunately, people
sometimes forget to schedule a Pre-Listing Home Inspection. Yet, it could be
the most important thing you do to prepare for your home sale. For what
amounts to a small fraction of the cost of selling your home, have the peace of
mind that your home is in good condition and maintain your selling price from a
better negotiating position. Most buyers are not in the market for a "fixer-upper",
so having your house marketed with everything fixed ahead of time is a very
strong selling point and will often successfully set your house apart from others
on the market. Maintenance Inspections:
Most people who are content to stay in their current house can benefit from a
home inspection. I will go through your entire house and let you know the
present condition and identify any possible unseen problems. Many of these
issues are minor problems that can be caught before they turn into major ones. I
will advise you on important maintenance and care items that will help you
maintain your home for years to come.

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