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At HotzStudios, we have the resources for a number of professional media mediums, including Audio Recording, Music Videos, Photoshoots, Demo Packages and Voice Overs.

  • Audio Recording - Flat Rate - $25 per hour
  • Music Videos - Flat Rate - $25 per hour
  • Photoshoots

    With freelance photographers on call, a Professional photoshoot done by a trained professional can be easily set up and edited for any type of medium.

  • Demo Package Creation

    A Demo Package is the key to being noticed, with our help, capture a recording labels attention with a professionally done portfolio.

Terms, Conditions and Equipment Rules
• All studio equipment available in a given room may be used without additional charge with exception to video gear.
• Rates, as noted, include the services of an experienced engineer or an assistant.
• Any project that starts will continue at that rate for a six month period, even if there is a gap in the recording period and/or rates increase.
• A deposit to book studio time is required in both our best interests. Terms of payment to be agreed upon between booking party and Hotz Studios before recording begins.
• All tapes, whether taken by client or in left at the studio remain property of Hotz Studios until invoices are paid in full.
• A 2% charge per month will be added to the entire amount owed for balances still owing past 30 days.
• Hotz Studios' full extent of liability for recording media left in the studio that gets lost or damaged will be limited to the cost of the media (tape or CD) itself, regardless of the circumstances under which the loss or damage occurred.

Recording to ProTools and Logic.
ProTools and Logic 9 have become extremely popular as a recording format. Clients like both programs because of their excellent editing capabilities, speed, and the fact that there are no expensive analog or digital master tapes to purchase. ProTools and Logic record to a hard drive and at some point the hard drive becomes full and must be erased. Most clients wish to maintain their session's recorded data as opposed to erasing it forever, which would make it impossible to make future changes. We strongly feel every session should be backed up to avoid possible future disappointment. Sometimes backing up to DVDs is viable. In most cases, our preferred method of backup is to a purchased hard drive. Normal studio procedure is to delete audio files from drives when projects are completed.

Why should I purchase a hard drive(s)?
Hotz Studios recommends that our clients purchase a computer hard drive from an electronics store before your session begins. Day to day work done at the studio is kept on this hard drive and becomes our client's property once the drive and session are paid for. We also strongly recommend our client purchase a second identical hard drive to serve as a backup of the digital information on the first (working) drive. Hard drives are odd devices in that, in rare scenarios, can lose their data for no apparent reason at the worst possible time. This double backup method is the only relatively secure method of having your session data saved should something go wrong once you leave the studio. The amount of digital information on a session continues to grow. It is no longer possible for Hotz Studios to keep a copy of your session indefinitely once the project has been completed. Occasionally, Hotz Studios as a courtesy will keep a backup master of your session for a very limited time. We cannot, however, guarantee the integrity of the data due to a variety of reasons. This is NOT a safe or secure way of having your session backed up because as our drives become full, we must erase projects that have been completed to accommodate newer ones. If your work at Hotz Studios is important enough to you to be archived, we cannot stress strongly enough that following our recommendations can one day save you a lot of grief.

Tardiness and Cancellations:
Hotz Studios must receive notice of a client's intent to cancel a session no later than 72 hours (3 days) before such session. If notice is not received by Hotz Studios the client shall be liable for the cost of the time booked. The full amount of unused time booked will be charged to the client irrespective of client's failure to arrive for a session on time or in the event that the client must leave the session early, or if the session is completed before the booked time has expired.

Clients assume all risks associated with storing, on the premises of Hotz Studios. Any and all sound recordings, video recordings, or equipment of any kind or nature and shall hold Hotz Studios harmless from any and all damage that might occur to said articles for any reason. Hotz Studios liability with respect to "downtime" of any studio sessions as a result from equipment malfunction shall be limited solely to the studio time of such booked session; and client(s) agree to hold Hotz Studios harmless from any and all damages from such "downtime". Hotz Studios makes no warranties either express or implied other than those contained herein. Hotz Studios shall not be liable for unforeseen of consequential damages of any kind. Should Hotz Studios be unable to conduct a booked session for any reason, then Hotz Studios warrants that it shall re-book such canceled booking at another time that is mutually available to Hotz Studios and the client.

Please call the studio at 613-858-1119 for further clarifications, if you have any questions.

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