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By: Hotelbenchmark  09-12-2011
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Detailing Hotels Around the World

Our Census Database includes detailed information for hotels around the world. You receive everything a standard mailing list provides, plus additional information such as room count, date of opening, chain affiliation, and meeting space square footage just to name a few. The database can also be customized to suit your needs.

In Step 1 below, begin by selecting your desired destination and then filter by brand/scale, operators and/or room count if needed. Then in Step 2, tell us which fields you would like to receive. You can choose to receive all of our basic fields at no additional cost or you can customize your report by adding additional fields as desired. Step 3, please click Generate Hotel List and see within Step 4 how many records were retrieved based on your criteria and the total cost. Once you are satisfied with the results, click Add to Cart to purchase your Census Database.

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1. Select criteria from the following options


Room Count

2. Select the fields you would like to order

Basic Fields*

Most requested fields

Additional Fields

* Basic Fields are included with all orders. Basic fields include STR Number, Property Name, Physical Address, Physical City, Physical State, Physical Postal Code, Date Open, Rooms, Chain Scale, Chain Affiliation, STR Market, STR Submarket, Phone
** These fields are currently only available for the United States
*** Less than 40% of these fields are currently populated.
If a field in this column is blank then either the hotel is an independent, or its Management Company/Owner is unknown. If you wish to get a report that includes only hotels with Management Companies/Owners or where the Management Company/Owner is known, then please use the Operators filter in step 1.

3. Generate Hotel List

- STR does not accept database orders less than $10.00.
- This database will be delivered in an e-mail that is over 2MB in size. Please call us if this poses a problem.
- Please allow 48-72 hours for delivery.

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Keywords: Census Database, Mailing List, Square Footage,

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