Restoration, Customization & Turn-key Cars

By: Hot Rods Custom Stuff  09-12-2011

Need a complete, stock restoration of your classic vehicle? We can do that! Want to turn grandpa's old Chevy or Ford into a head-turning street rod? We can do that, too! Would you like us to build you a car from scratch? Not a problem! Does your Muscle car get sand kicked in it's face? We can pump-it-up for you!

If we build it, you'll be able to drive it! We don't just build them for show..

Other products and services from Hot Rods Custom Stuff

09-12-2011 | Complete Engine Service

Carb-jetting, fuel injection installations, gear-ratio changes, and over-drive swaps and installations are a few of the things we can do to increase your mileage. From simple servicing of that old flat-head or straight-six, to turning your little 'ol V-8 into a fire breathing dragon, no job is too big or too small. We can do engine swaps, too, for those who need newer or bigger motors to keep them cruisin in style.

09-12-2011 | Services

A fixture in the Hot Rod world for over 40 years, Randy Clark and his shop, "Hot Rods & Custom Stuff" have taken their Hot Rod hobby and nurtured into a efficient and thriving business. If you've ever picked up a magazine, walked a car show, our checked out the local cruise scene..chances are you've seen his work. A complete Parts & Service Department.

09-12-2011 | Installation

The only problem with old cars is old technology. Roll them up or down with the flick of a switch. We can swap your old drums for disc brakes. Let us install an AC system. IFS and air-bags will help.

09-12-2011 | Painting & Pinstriping

We also do flames, pinstriping and other custom graphics - whatever you want us to paint, however you want us to paint it. From the simple to the sublime, our paint shop will make your car or truck a real head-turner. If you want high quality paint work then you've come to the right place.