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By: Hospital Companions  09-12-2011
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At Hospital Companions, we offer six levels of service to our patients and their families: , , , , , and our .

Hospital Companionship Package

Our company provides patients with an on-site Companion to assist them with their non-medical needs during a hospital stay. A companion is not a "hospital sitter", she is a member of your care team.

Here are just a few examples of what our Companions do for their patients:

  • Physically guide him/her through the hospital registration process
  • Accompany them while getting settled into their room
  • Serve as a health advocate, taking notes during doctors' rounds
  • Coordinating communication between family and doctor
  • Update their Patient Page using the Companion's laptop
  • Engage him/her in our customized Patient Enhancement Program
  • Assist with comfort needs while in their room
  • Locate the nursing staff upon request
  • Provide overall companionship
  • Keep all information accumulated during the hospital stay organized for transition home or to another facility
  • Help with the discharge process
  • Provide transition care to nursing home or rehabilitation facility

Family support is an integral part of our service. Here are a few examples of what our Companions do for our families:

  • Serve as the on-site point of contact at the hospital
  • Routinely update and maintain the Patient Page so they are always involved and well-informed
  • Coordinate meetings among patient, family and medical staff
  • Encourage involvement in our Family Support Program
  • Manage the names and contact numbers of all medical personnel caring for the patient
  • Provide logistical information regarding the hospital and surrounding community
  • Arrange virtual visits via Skype®

Patient Page Package

Sometimes being physically present during a loved-one's hospitalization isn't a challenge; however, keeping up on the communication to concerned family members and friends is. We will develop and maintain a Patient Page for you, helping family and friends stay informed and allowing them to send warm wishes to the patient.

How the Patient Page™ can help:

  • Allows others to support the patient by sending messages & photos
  • Allows the patient to send messages back, letting concerned family and friends know how they are feeling
  • Assists in coordinating help during the hospitalization through our How You Can Help section of the page. This allows patient and family to post things which need to be done, for example, walking the dog or preparing meals, giving interested friends and neighbors an opportunity to help.
  • Provides access to our Family Support Program, where you can find support from other families, links to relevant organizations, timely articles and much more

Quick-Check Package

If you need someone to just stop by the hospital to do a 'quick check' on your loved-one, this is the program for you. Perhaps you spoke with them on the phone and they just didn't seem quite right or their mood has quickly changed, this offers a quick solution offering you some peace of mind.

We will send a Hospital Companion to:

  • Go to the hospital
  • Check-in with the nurses' station to see if there have been any changes in your loved-one's condition (they will need your permission to tell us about the patient)
  • Go into the patient's room and talk with them to see how they are feeling
  • Call you from the hospital and give you the Quick-Check update

Patient Concierge Services

We would be happy to assist the patient and/or family with small tasks or errands. Here are some of the tasks we have done for other families:

  • Arrange delivery of a special meal to the hospital
  • Make travel plans for out of town family
  • Coordinate newspaper delivery to the patient for the duration of their stay
  • Make medical appointments for the patient
  • Investigate different nursing home alternatives in their area
  • Contact rehabilitation facility on behalf of patient
  • Arrange delivery of medical equipment to the patient's home for home rehabilitation

At Hospital Companions, we understand the need for both patient and family support during a hospitalization. Our programs and website were designed with this in mind.

Nursing Home Companionship Package

Our company provides nursing home residents and their families with companionship care.

Here are just a few examples of what our Companions do for their residents:

  • Transition from home or hospital to the nursing home
  • Accompany them while they get settled into their room
  • Set up a private Resident Page™ on our website
  • Check in with the administration and other staff
  • Coordinate communication among the family, administration and any medical staff
  • Update the Resident Page following each visit and/or when family has news to share
  • Engage the resident in any of our specialized therapies (pet, art, music, social, entertainment, phototherapy and aromatherapy)
  • Assist with comfort needs
  • Provide overall companionship
  • If the resident needs to be hospitalized, we transition to the hospital and continue the companionship program while in the hospital

Family support is an integral part of our service; here are a few examples of what we do for our families:

  • Serve as an on-site point of contact
  • Routinely update and maintain the Resident Page so they are always well informed
  • Coordinate communication and/or meetings among family and administration and any medical staff involved
  • Encourage involvement in our Family Support Program
  • Manage the names and contact numbers of all administration and personnel caring for the resident
  • Provide logistical information about the surrounding community (for example, where are the restaurants, malls, hospitals & hotels)
  • Arrange virtual visits via Skype®

Keywords: Family Support Program, Hospitalization, nursing home,

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Hospital Companions: Our Services - nursing home care

Nursing Home Companion aids residents and their families by providing companionship care to the resident and support to the family. Your Companion will visit the resident and use specially designed programs to enhance the resident's nursing home experience. Our programs include pet, music, art and social therapies, phototherapy and aromatherapy.


Hospital Companions: Our Services - patient enhancement

While our clients are hospitalized or recovering in a rehabilitation facility, they are given the opportunity to participate in our Patient Enhancement Program. Methods such as pet, music, art, photo and aromatherapies, in addition to social and spiritual methods, are made available to patients by our Companions.


Hospital Companions: Our Services - family support

This Program assists in connecting our families with others who may be experiencing similar challenges, with the hopes of finding comfort in knowing others are sharing in similar difficulties. Continuing our commitment to keeping our families well-informed, we have dedicated a portion of our site to "Health Resources". As family members ourselves, we understand the need to feel supported during a loved-one's hospitalization.


Hospital Companions: Our Services - sample

In addition to concerned friends and family getting the latest updates about the patient, the Patient Page provides the opportunity for those friends to post messages, well-wishes and even photos for the patient to enjoy. These messages lift the spirits of the patient and help them to feel connected. Our Patient Page web-aplication is a great resource for patients and families. Your Companion will develop a Patient Page.