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By: Hospital Companions  09-12-2011

Our Patient Page web-aplication is a great resource for patients and families. Your Companion will develop a Patient Pageā„  and continue to update it with information about how your loved-one is progressing.

In addition to concerned friends and family getting the latest updates about the patient, the Patient Page provides the opportunity for those friends to post messages, well-wishes and even photos for the patient to enjoy. These messages lift the spirits of the patient and help them to feel connected.

Other products and services from Hospital Companions


Hospital Companions: Our Services - nursing home care

Nursing Home Companion aids residents and their families by providing companionship care to the resident and support to the family. Your Companion will visit the resident and use specially designed programs to enhance the resident's nursing home experience. Our programs include pet, music, art and social therapies, phototherapy and aromatherapy.


Hospital Companions: Our Services - patient enhancement

While our clients are hospitalized or recovering in a rehabilitation facility, they are given the opportunity to participate in our Patient Enhancement Program. Methods such as pet, music, art, photo and aromatherapies, in addition to social and spiritual methods, are made available to patients by our Companions.


Hospital Companions: Our Services - services

Sometimes being physically present during a loved-one's hospitalization isn't a challenge; however, keeping up on the communication to concerned family members and friends is. Provides access to our Family Support Program, where you can find support from other families, links to relevant organizations, timely articles and much more. Coordinate communication and/or meetings among family and administration and any medical staff involved.


Hospital Companions: Our Services - family support

This Program assists in connecting our families with others who may be experiencing similar challenges, with the hopes of finding comfort in knowing others are sharing in similar difficulties. Continuing our commitment to keeping our families well-informed, we have dedicated a portion of our site to "Health Resources". As family members ourselves, we understand the need to feel supported during a loved-one's hospitalization.