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By: Hoots  09-12-2011
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Skills Parks

Skills parks are the welcome mat to mountain biking and offer opportunity for riders of all ages on all types of bikes to learn and practice bike handling in a planned safe natural environment that allows Skills succession through progression based features that are all within a dynamic self taught environment.

Skills parks can include dirt jumps, wooden bridges, wall rides, pump tracks and teeter totters all methodically placed in the park for a fun and managed recreational experience.

Skills parks provide communities ‘free’ opportunity to educate and experience bike riders, especially children, in a structured, safe and managed area. They offer gathering points for neighbors and members of the community to take part in healthy activity and can provide revenue generation for Parks 
and recreation programming. 

Skills parks offer a risk management solution to unauthorized jumps and features in municipalities with ever increasing removal budgets and provides great opportunities for public, private partnership and non profit, volunteer club involvement.

With over thirty Skills parks projects built in both large city and small town environments, HOOTS INC. leads the way in park development. All aspects of design incorporate the highest level of technology working seamlessly with planning departments while prioritizing the engagement of public input/feedback through organized workshops.

HOOTS INC. has a catalogue of over fifty ‘accepted’ Skills features that can be incorporated into parks and has developed a complete ‘Best Practices’ guidelines manual to supplement construction projects.

With project partners ranging from licensed landscape architects to professional riders of all demands, our trained staff will see your project is met with the professionalism our reputation is built on.

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