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By: Hoots  09-12-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, Education Programs, Finest Detail


Skills Parks, Dirt Jumps, Trail, Pump Tracks and Special Events are all Hoots specialties and include the finest detail with regards to:

Consulting and assessment
Design (Concept, CAD, 2D & 3D virtual modeling)
Materials lists and construction plan
Building and construction
Maintenance and sustainability
Volunteer coordination
Liaison with staff/special interest groups/current clients that run effective parks
Workshops/staff & counsel presentations/committee meetings
Education programs
Event planning
Club development
Risk management and maintenance plans
Park management documentation

Keywords: Education Programs, Finest Detail, Pump Tracks, Risk Management,

Other products and services from Hoots


Hoots Mountain Biking > Services - special events

Up front collaborative design with budgetary understanding results in 3D models that will ensure your investment, sponsor and marketing packages are top shelf and create the type of professional image you demand. By offering courses that are exciting and fun athletes will be the best they can be and become excited in contributing to your next event. Feedback and consultation has contributed to unique event course building around the globe.


Hoots Mountain Biking > Services - pump tracks

Pump tracks are a series of rhythmic rollers placed in a circuit format providing wheeled fun for kids and a perpetual motion machine for riders that figure out how to get momentum from ‘pumping’ each roller to continue around the track without pedaling. Pump tracks provide initial progressions into the world of cornering, momentum and speed control, enhancing basic bike handling Skills through a safe low risk track.


Hoots Mountain Biking > Services - trails

The value of trails as infrastructure in our communities is only now starting to be realized and with modest installation and maintenance/investment costs resulting in high quality of life returns from communities who become immersed and connected with nature, trails are becoming the choice of more and more planning departments and developer’s. With the world slowly turning from roads and turning to trails to connect communities together.


Hoots Mountain Biking > Services - skills parks

Skills parks are the welcome mat to mountain biking and offer opportunity for riders of all ages on all types of bikes to learn and practice bike handling in a planned safe natural environment that allows Skills succession through progression based features that are all within a dynamic self taught environment.