By: Homewatersafety  09-12-2011

Hot Stop products are low-cost, effective, and will protect your loved ones!

These simple devices prevent life threatening and disfiguring injuries in your home. They contain revolutionary technology unlike any other device on the market that instantly reduces the flow of water to a trickle when a temperature spike or increase is detected. These temperature increases can result from having your heater adjusted too high or simply from flushing a toilet! These devices only allow the flow of water to return to normal after the temperature has returned to safe levels and can easily prevent thousands of scalding incidents and thousands of injuries within your home.
You can choose from tub spouts, shower heads, handheld shower units, and combinations of them all to fit your individual needs.

Don't Hesitate — Act Now Before It's Too Late!

Please visit our website at to learn more about the very real dangers of scalding and how these one-of-a-kind, inexpensive devices can protect you and your family from a needless tragedy today. To order products online or to use fax/mail order form - please