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By: Homeshade  09-12-2011

Category: Events | Homeshade Photography Blog

So, I am doing a series on fairy images.  I haven’t explained it in depth yet. so I wanted to take a moment to explain how the fairy/season of growth series are going to work.

i have wanted to do a fairy day for the last 2 years.  im a little obsessed with anything winged.  before michael and i were married. my entire room was done in butterflies.  then, when chloye was little. for years. her room was done in butterflies and anne geddes fairy series.  i used to have a built in shelving unit devoted to fairies in my living room.  now. i have birds. and we are about to redo chloye’s room with owls.  so. the winged obsession continues…

anyway… fairies.  i have thought about it for the last 2 years, wondered how i would do it. what i would do. and then. it hit me.  lets do SEASONAL fairies.  a winter fairy.  a spring fairy.  a summer fairy and a fall fairy.  how stinkin’ cute would that be??????

so, i have 4 backgrounds, each seasonal.  the winter fairy is coming up. it is a snowy scene with bare trees.  i am thinking a snow covered ground. and i ordered 3 large mushrooms.  one is large enough to be a seat.  i am super excited about this.  fairy wings will be added digitally in photoshop.  i have ordered a few fairy costumes. or we will just use tulle tutus that i already have.

the spring session will be the blue/flowery background i already have. it will be heavily dominated by pink/purple blooms. really spring.

summer is a very green forest scene and we will accent with sunflowers. and it will be a green/yellow dominated theme.

fall will have a leaf dominated theme and will be strong in autumn colors.

so, there will be 4 sessions.  each session will be per child.  this is not for siblings.
you will pay 50.00 per session and you will receive an 8×10 from each of the 4 sessions, and at the end of the 4 sessions. you will receive a 12×12 collage showcasing an image from all 4 seasons and we will call it a season of growth. documenting your child’s growth through out the year.

well. i will have another option for those not interested in fairies.

on the other side of the studio. at each of these sessions. i will have a seasonal set up, really clean. really fun.  for winter, winter clothes are encouraged.  fun, oversized layered clothing. hats, scarves, gloves, etc.

at the spring session. beautiful spring wear. bright colors.  or even your favorite rain boots and rain jacket/umbrella.  something that signifies spring.

in the summer… i am thinking a fun summer wear. or bathing suit/beach coverup and sunglasses. something fun.  we will have a beach ball. it will be a beachy theme.

fall will obviously be a fall theme. fall colors. your favorite fall outfit.  at the end. you will receive a 12×12 collage with 1 image from each session. showcasing the season of growth of your child.

i am super duper excited about this.  cant wait to see the kids that register for this grow up through out the year.

these sessions will begin booking on Monday.  are you ready???

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They had just returned from a softball game.she was soo excited to dress up. His sparkly eyes and gorgeous smile are going to make the ladies smile. This mom had attended another petti party back in March. She happens to do face painting for birthday parties. Daddy gave me a direct line to him. This little girl is soo beautiful. Her party went soo smooth.


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I am encouraging you to bring grandparents for a few shots as well so that grandparents can get in the picture. I am going to be very specific about what I need: This new baby plan will reach milestones 4 months. Mom will need a fitted white top, a pretty, flattering white shirt with no buttons or color. This does not apply on canvas or press printed cards, or any specialty items.


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He had his graduation pictures done and immediately upon coming home from school, he began asking when i was going to cut his hair!. Ashton has been getting teased for awhile now about his hair length. Kids at school and soccer telling him he looks like a girl. It didnt bother him because he loved his hair. LOL but, all in all, i like how it turned out. At first, he didnt care.


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Some women take to induction immediately, and you rush to the hospital in the nick of time. Dad was great, keeping me informed through out the day how her progress was going. You never *quite* know how to anticipate the day. I will spare birth images. Mom is in great spirits.


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I can work with natural light if you have plenty of it in your home, I can set up studio lights if you have a space large enough to accomodate me or we can have a lot of fun and take your newborn outdoors with some lush greenery as a backdrop. My name is Tasha Pool and I am an on location photographer serving the Greater Houston area. I specialize in birth photography, newborns, children and lifestyle family portraiture.


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I decided back in 2002 when i quit working for the wedding photographer that owning my own photography business was NOT for me. My previous women’s minister took me to lunch and flat out told me i was in direct disobedience to my husband. But.this mom totally won me over by sending me a picture of the family running away from a tyrannosaurus rex. I decided to put a call out on FB for a fun family that will let me shoot how I wanted to.