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By: Homeshade  09-12-2011
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Category: Clients | Homeshade Photography Blog

to say i am stuck in a photographic rut would be an understatement.  i often wonder where my MOJO has gone. and desperately seek to find it again….
when i first started shooting again back in 2005. i photographed my kids. it was fun.  i photographed a few friends kids.  it was fun.  but, definitely not something i would do as a profession.  i decided back in 2002 when i quit working for the wedding photographer that owning my own photography business was NOT for me.  then. something happened. 

besides the fact that i was bored MINDLESS at my desk job at NASA. and i was allergic to haircolor. so my hair career was pretty much over. i was in my 3 year itch of bored. what will i do next?  Michael thought it should be photography. i thought it should be something that should pay the bills.

all at this time. my little man Ashton is going through some crazy things.  he is now 3 and still impossible to understand for anyone but michael, myself and my best friend Amy who speaks unintelligble speech fluently.  its a gift, i tell you!

he has some other quirks that i deem Ashton. but the speech is the most glaring one.  so, i take him in to be evaluated and walked out with them trying to label my son on the autistic spectrum.  i know a LOT of mom’s go into denial at first when their child is labeled. and that was my first thought… oh no. am i one of those mom’s who wont accept my son?? but the more thought i put into it. i refused to believe that my son was autistic.  he was just different. 

so. after a few months of me needing direction. my husband insisted i quit my job. and just ‘try’ photography.  i kicked in my heels and refused.  then. my previous women’s minister took me to lunch and flat out told me i was in direct disobedience to my husband.  if he felt commanded to tell me to quit my job. then i was to follow his leading for my family.  OUCH.  talk about conviction.  i walked into my office from lunch. and put in my 2 weeks notice. scared to death.

well. my business was blanketed in prayer. and my now employee karen kept sending paying clients my way left and right. and i was having a BLAST.  trying to find my style. where i fit in to this photography realm. 

now. 4 years later. i look back and think. WHERE HAVE THE LAST 4 YEARS GONE????  it has been a whirlwind.  a blur.  i think i have a case of whiplash from it going by so fast.

okay. maybe not whiplash. but a serious case of shoulder pain from extensive editing. that we will just pretend is whiplash for the sake of my little story.  HA!

this summer has been a hard one.  i realized that i work TOO much. and i am in my 3 year itch of i am bored. what’s next?  i have looked back at all that i have done and realized that i have lost who I am along the way. something i didnt think would happen. but apparently did. 

so. i decided to put a call out on FB for a fun family that will let me shoot how I wanted to. a free shoot with no worries about which images would sell and which images would not.  unfortunately. it is no longer about just having fun. this is my job. this is how i help support my family. and supplement my husband’s income. 

i received a LOT of response for the free session.  but.this mom totally won me over by sending me a picture of the family running away from a tyrannosaurus rex. probably taken at the museum. or a theme park. and it cracked me up.  then she sent me a pic of her husband carryingher. both wearing totally 80′s getup gear. and then one of her husband being the ‘thinker’… i was laughing at the pictures. and knew that i would be laughing througha  session with them. 

so. let me introduce the snow family. 

this session has been floating in my head for about a year now.  i didnt know what form it would take. i just knew everyone would be soaking wet by the time it was over.  i thought that perhaps it would be my own family in the pictures. but that has never happened.  so. i am glad it was this family that it happened to.  the day of the session, i realized on facebook that the dad is the brother of an old friend that i truly miss. 

mom asked me what to wear.
she took EXACTLY what was in my head. and spun it into fruition.  when they stepped out of the car. i was SO happy.  i asked for layers. some collars under tees, some on top of a tee. oranges/greens in theme. and then dad busts out with a tie over an orange crush shirt and a vest. and i did a little internal happy dance.  that was all her. i didnt/wouldn’t ask dad to dress a certain way. because it would take a certain man to pull this look off.  he was that certain man. for sure. 

jen and i were looking through this folder earlier. and we both commented about how much we love this image. even though it the exact same picture i ALWAYS take.  we decided it was the clothing. all the bright colors that make me LOVE this image so much.

when she told me she had a baby. and i realized the baby couldnt get completely involved in the water balloon aspect. i immediately envisioned him in a tub of water out in the field. to tie in the water theme for him too.  to say he loved it is an understatement. 

isnt he simply adorable?

my asst. jen second shot with me and got some super fun images from a completely different angle.  i think all fun sessions should pay for an additional shooter.

this is one of my favorite images from the entire day.  Jen asked for his mad face. if he gets silly when he is  mad. then i am all for a tantrum. LOL

this is what happens when you do a shoot with water balloons. you create mud puddles all around you.  then. when one of the children come and jump in a mud puddle just beside you. you get the splatter.  dont i look lovely???

i didnt let it stop me from shooting though. LOL

i hope everyone enjoyed this session as much as i did.  i am all for shooting more fun ‘concept’ sessions. around a theme.  so. if you have a full session booked. and want to do something a little differently. lets brainstorm.

speaking of sessions. my calendar is COMPLETELY booked for family sessions for Christmas.

the only thing left on my calendar are senior sessions, newborn sessions and baby plan sessions. 

so, for those who booked early. THANK you.

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