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By: Homecookedcd  09-12-2011
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Benefit: At no extra cost the contact area of every lip plate is beautifully engraved to help prevent skidding caused perspiration.

Benefit: Lip plate and riser area in front of blow edge shaped to
reduce wind noise.

Platinum-Air-ReedTM or Gold-Air-Reed®Benefit: Exotic metal blow edge was specifically alloyed to eliminate knife-edge-buzz, providing the quickest, cleanest response.

Benefit: Provides a specially shaped lip rest area for increased comfort and ease of blowing.


Bow-TieTMPiccolo Headjoint
Benefit: Makes playing piccolo as easy as playing the flute. And the high notes are effortless.

Benefit: Optikut® wood headjoints bring the beautiful timbre of wood to your precious metal flute.

The acronym for Third Octave Optimal Tuning & Stabilization.
Its benefit is summarized by its acronym.

Benefit: Crown-cork assembly is constructed using elastrometric binders which totally eliminate potential for mechanical vibrations.

The UpRite is Drelinger's new headjoint for playing your flute vertically.


Keywords: Flute