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By: Homebrewers  09-12-2011
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CABA would like to welcome back Mitch from Rohrbach Brewing based in Rochester, New York. Mitch will be talking about winter warmers, including “Kacey’s Kristmas Ale”, an English Brown Ale with a festive cherry twist.

Mitch LaGoy is the brewer at the Rohrbach Brewing Company’s brewpub location, and also brews at Rohrbach’s production brewery. The brewpub maintains 12 different beers on tap, and produces about 700 barrels (1 bbl = 117L) per year in 7 bbl batches. The production brewery outputs 3500 bbl per year in 20 bbl and 40 bbl batches.

6:30 – Doors open
7:00 – Event starts
8:00 – Q&A / Homebrew discussion (for members)
10:30 – Adjourn

Across North America, the first Saturday of November is recognized as “Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day”, and the Southern Ontario Brewers recognize the date by hosting a Learn2Brew event.  In cooperation with Amsterdam Brewing, the Southern Ontario Brewers invite you to spend a day learning about homebrewing on Saturday 5.November 2011 at 21 Bathurst Street, in Toronto.

This group of homebrewers will be demonstrating a range of homebrewing techniques and equipment from single-vessel systems through larger 3-vessel breweries.  The group consists of novice homebrewers through professional brewers.

Amateur brewers will be setting up their mash tuns, kettles and assorted gear and attendees can expect that there will be at least 12 brewing stations on site brewing a variety of ales and lagers during the demonstration using malted barley, hops, yeast and water.

Jamie Mistry, brewmaster at the Amsterdam Brewery has been generous in hosting this annual event for the third time.  The Amsterdam Brewery will also be open, with public tours of the brewery, and Amsterdam beers will be available to sample.

Date: Saturday, 5.November 2011

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Location: Amsterdam Brewery, 21 Bathurst St, Toronto

For further information, media may contact:

Jason Stranak, Southern Ontario Brewers, 905-393-7900

The board of directors is happy to announce that after a year’s hiatus, the Evening with a Brewer events are making a comeback. Also, details are in the works for our Annual General Meeting and bus trip. Read on to find out when you should mark your calendars.

September 9: Evening with a Brewer – Local Harvest
James Yii-Jen Tien
Head Brewer, Muskoka Brewing

Muskoka Harvest Ale is the pilgrim of Muskoka Brewery’s seasonal beer endeavours. Join us at the Rhino as James discusses Muskoka Brewing’s famous Harvest Ale, and the quest for brewing a beer from locally sourced ingredients.

6:30 – Doors open
7:00 – Event starts
8:00 – Q&A / Homebrew discussion (for members)
10:30 – Adjourn

October 14: Evening with a (Home)Brewer – Hardcore Gluten-Free Brewing
Kevin Snow and Hirsch Goodman
Snowman Brewing

When homebrewers Kevin and Hirsch wanted to brew a really good gluten-free beer, they overcame the obstacles of finding gluten-free malt by making their own in their kitchens. The guys will talk about malting and roasting grains at home, and how they won a gold medal with their great-tasting barley- and wheat-free Maple Stout at the GCHC this year.

6:30 – Doors open
7:00 – Event starts
8:00 – Q&A / Homebrew discussion (for members)
10:30 – Adjourn

November 19: AGM
The annual bus tour returns. Details to be posted soon.

December 9: Evening with a Brewer
Save the date. We’re working out details for our final event of 2011.

Both Spearhead’s founder and brewmaster will be on hand to speak about brewing extreme beers and how the brewery went from a good idea to reality. Spearhead is officially launching its first beer, a pineapple-infused west coast pale ale named Hawaiian Style Pale Ale, at Volo in Toronto on June 16th, and on the 18th, CABA members will get an inside look into the latest brewery to set up shop in Toronto.

Founder Dimitri van Kampen is an enthusiastic beer lover and entrepreneur who, with his team, has created a brand that is sure to be the talk of the the province of Ontario this month as its beer rolls out to more than 30 bars, pubs and restaurants around Toronto and elsewhere in southern Ontario.

You didn’t think we could top last year’s GCHC, did you? This year, we have Spearhead, samples of various extreme beers (including a healthy selection of some off-the-beaten-track extreme beers), and our usual fun and merriment. Take down the details and make plans to attend this year’s GCHC.

Date: June 18th

Location: The Rhino, 1249 Queen St. West, Toronto

Time: 10:30 am to 6 pm (Doors open at 10 am)

Agenda: Spearheads brewmaster will be speaking about and providing samples of  their new beers in a collectors glass that is yours to keep. Lunch will be 3 courses with 4 tasters of extreme beers and a pint of Smash Bomb. Spearhead will come back for more Q&A and samples, the competition awards will be given out and we will head upstairs for more fun and frivolity.

If you haven’t heard of these guys before – you will after this one. Flying in from Shawinigan, Quebec, Micro-brasserie Le Trou Du Diable will be taking over barVolo with the brewers and founders in the house. Le Trou Du Diable beers will only be served on this night. To commence the occasion, House Ales and Le Trou Du Diable are teaming up to brew a special one off collaboration batch brew that will be open to the public starting at 12:00 noon.

The following beers will be served starting at 7:00pm;







RED ALE (6.0%)

PORTER (5.7%)

DOUBLE IPA (10.0%)


Pale Ales & IPAs
Place 3rd
Entry name T & E IPA
Brewer(s) Chris Talbot &  Will Ehgoetz Toronto
Place 2nd
Entry name 2010 Honest IPA
Brewer(s) Don Campbell Breadalbane PEI
Place 1st
Entry name Elbow Scratcher
Brewer(s) Michael Shedden Dundas ON
Stouts & Porters
Place 3rd
Entry name none awarded
Place 2nd
Entry name Nauti Tawts
Brewer(s) Anthony Legge Mount Pearl NL
Place 1st
Entry name Nighting Ale II
Brewer(s) Neil Partridge Caledon ON
Strong Ales
Place 3rd
Entry name Traitresse
Brewer(s) Simon Vigneault Sherbrooke PQ
Place 2nd
Entry name North End Tripel
Brewer(s) John Garland Halifax NS
Place 1st
Entry name Peculier 2009
Brewer(s) Kurt Seelenmayer Dundas ON
Specialty & Other Ales
Place 3rd
Entry name Daddy’s Wheat Pils
Brewer(s) Don Campbell Dundas ON
Place 2nd
Entry name For the Love of Chai!
Brewer(s) Neil Partridge Caledon ON
Place 1st
Entry name Turn, Turn, Turn
Brewer(s) Kurt Seelenmayer Dundas ON
Honorable mention Turn, Turn, Turn Kurt Seelenmayer
Place 3rd
Style Strong Ales
Brewer(s) Kurt Seelenmayer
Place 2nd
Style Porter & Stout
Brewer(s) Neil Partridge
Place 1st
Style Pale Ales & IPAs
Brewer(s) Michael Shedden

May 14 2010 – 7 pm

The Rhino Bar & Grill 1249 Queen St W Toronto

Jeremy Coghill, who is featured in the homebrewer spotlight of this months CABA newsletter has been interested in Sake for some time.

Sake is also referred to in English as rice wine. However, unlike true wine, in which alcohol is produced by fermenting the sugar naturally present in fruit, sake is made through a brewing process more like that of beer.

To make beer or sake, the sugar needed to produce alcohol must first be converted from starch. But the brewing process for sake differs from beer brewing as well, notably in that for beer, the conversion of starch to sugar and sugar to alcohol occurs in two discrete steps, but with sake they occur simultaneously. Additionally, alcohol content also differs between sake, wine, and beer.

Jeremy will be talking about making Sake,and we’ll take a look at Japanese beer.

Update: This is new.

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Keywords: Beer, Brewing, homebrew

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Many brewers like to brew to style, and more power to them, but outside of a couple of reasonable attempts to brew to style, I mostly aim for whatever seems like a good idea at the time — and sometimes those ideas lead into such things as my infamous 2007 Christmas ale or my clone of CABA President Kevin Tighe’s jalapeno ale.