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By: Home Inspections  09-12-2011
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From the founding of Welcome Home Inspections, we made a basic but important decision: We decided we would rather explain price one time than apologize for quality forever.  We had a choice to be a provider of mediocre, low-priced inspections or a provider of thorough, high quality inspections.  We chose quality.

A home or building is a significant investment so at Welcome Home Inspections we only provide the best infrared inspections.  We stand behind every inspection we perform and do not cut corners.  We are dedicated to providing the most thorough inspections and highest level of service in the industry.

Inspection Options

Our Infrared Thermal Imaging inspections are non-invasive and are to measure surface temperature variations of visible and readily (and safely) accessible portions of the areas described in each option below.

Building Envelope ITI

The Building Envelope ITI scan is an evaluation for detecting the presence of moisture, missing or misapplied insulation, significant air infiltration, and more.  We scan the following areas:

* Exterior walls (weather and conditions permitting)

* Interior walls

* Floors

* Ceilings

* Doors and windows

* Foundation

The thermal and digital images above were taken outside a newer home with what are considered good quality windows.  The thermal image shows the large amount of heat that is lost through windows.  This can be much worse in older homes.

The thermal and digital images above were taken inside a home at the basement entry.  The thermal image shows cool areas around the door evidenced by the shades of purple and blue.  The thermal pattern indicates air infiltration due to a poorly sealed door.  Air infiltration and missing or lacking insulation contribute to a large amount of energy loss and high energy costs in many homes.

Energy Survey ITI

The Energy Survey ITI scan is an evaluation of client specified areas for missing, lacking, or non uniform insulation, significant air infiltration, and heating and cooling losses.

The thermal and digital images above were taken inside a newer home.  The thermal image shows a cool area evidenced by the shades of purple and blue.  The thermal pattern indicates a lack of attic insulation allowing heat loss.  A number of similar areas were found in other walls and ceilings.  Areas like this contribute to high energy costs.

Moisture Survey ITI

The Moisture Survey ITI scan is an evaluation of client specified areas for the presence of moisture.

The thermal and digital images above were taken inside a brand new home.  The thermal image shows a large cool area on this kitchen ceiling.  The thermal pattern indicates moisture.  This was caused by a plumbing leak on the second floor.

Hydronic / Water Floor Heating Pipe Locating and Mapping

Using Infrared Thermal Imaging we can accurately locate water floor heating pipes in concrete floors.  We can also provide mapping services where we supply dimensioned drawings of the pipe locations.


The thermal images above show the in-floor heating pipes in an office.

Hydronic / Water Floor Heating Leak Detection

Using Infrared Thermal Imaging we can often locate suspected leaks in water floor heating pipes in concrete floors.


The infrared thermal images above show several leaks in the water heating system in a garage.

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