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By: Hollingsworth And Vose  09-12-2011
Keywords: Filter Media, Liquid Filter

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NANOWEB® Advanced Nanofiber Technology, created using , provides a microporous structure with unparalleled process control and durability. With this proprietary technology, the fiber diameter distribution and layer thickness can be formulated to deliver greater performance across a wide range of applications.

Versatile NANOWEB media can be supplied as a coating to any nonwoven base, including glass, cellulose, or synthetic fibers, or as a stand-alone substrate.  It can be designed for a broad range of applications:

Air filter media:  NANOWEB technology greatly improves the performance of filter media’s ability to remove particulates from air streams. The improvement makes the material highly attractive for dust collectors, gas turbines, vehicle cabins, HVAC, and high-efficiency filtration.

Liquid filter media: NANOWEB technology is designed to meet the stringent requirements of many liquid applications. Its improved efficiency and synthetic composition offer a more durable nanofiber option for fuel and lube filtration.  NANOWEB technology’s advanced microfiltration also is desirable for life sciences, food, and beverage applications.

Performance barrier nonwoven: The microporous structure created with H&V’s NANOWEB technology is light weight and has a very high surface area, making it ideal for thermal and acoustical insulation, hypoallergenic bedding, water-proof breathable fabrics, and energy storage.

NANOWEB technology features:

  • Adjustable thickness, fiber, and pore size to meet most application requirements
  • Advanced efficiency for greater performance with total cost reduction
  • Media uniformity for consistent reliability and performance
  • Durable, synthetic material for longer life and improved processability

Keywords: Filter Media, Liquid Filter

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