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By: Holistic Therapies  09-12-2011

What to expect during and following a session

A one and a half to two hour session includes the a BodyScan, homeopathic remedies, sourcing the Mental, Emtional and Spiritual causes, practicing short psychotherapuetic exercises for homework and an energetic/spitual healing. A shorter session usually only finds the imbalances, it doen’t give the solutions.

Everyone is guaranteed to sense, or emotionally feel a change in their body within the first hour.  If this doesn’t happen, you may have developed numbness as a defense to not sense nor emotionally feel anything.  So you can have your money back and stop or choose to continue and pay anyway.  Your level of sensitivity and awareness will determine how much you feel and sense changes.  Homeopathy is subtle, some people feel positive results immediately or within a few days, or within a month. It takes observation to notice the changes.  Some people may feel worse with detoxing, though call me if this           happens.

 With each BodyScan test, your body will show us how the communication flows are getting better. Instant healing is possible and happens on all four levels as a process toward your health goal so that multiple sessions may be required. 

Other products and services from Holistic Therapies


Balancing the Physical | Holistic Therapies, Inc

A specific individualized homeopathic remedy to rebalance the top 100 stressors and a homeopathic remedysupporting the 111 body systems tests that need it. Testing on 111 individual body systems, organs, pathogens, acid/alkalinity, vitamins, minerals, allergies, skin, hormones…. All balanced meridians before you leave and knowledge as to how your body will heal with the remedy.


Balancing the Mental/Emotional | Holistic Therapies, Inc

We find the negative mental belief systems and associated emotions which are helping to create imbalance in the body. Needed positve beliefs are found and felt in the body creating physical changes during the session. These are released with psychotherapy, Chinese energetics and chakra work. We practice homework to empower you to maintain these changes.


Balancing the Spiritual | Holistic Therapies, Inc

You receive a John of God crystal bed session balancing all levels and chakras if your session is in person. We experience psychic surgery and a light healing for all your cells to have a knowing of being healed. We discover your life lesson associated with the imbalance and give you support to accomplish it. We work together to magnetize your connection sensing, feeling, knowing Universal Love Energy.


Healing Therapies, Holistic, Whole Body and Mind

Celebrate that you will heal the source of your imbalance by listening and honoring the healing your body is guiding you to have on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. These are all symptoms of thyroid imbalance- even if your blood test is normal.