By: Hob  09-12-2011
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It makes absolutely no difference whether your data and applications are on a Windows Terminal Server, virtualized windows systems, Unix/Linux servers, a traditional host, or even a personal computer. Depending on the configuration and the user's authorization level, you and your staff can access and edit files, exchange them with the target system and print them. And they can do this anywhere, just as if they were sitting in the office at their company PC! With HOB RD VPN you can also secure all communication over WLAN/WiFi or within the enterprise network.

Technical Excellence!

HOB RD VPN can be used to replace traditional, rather inflexible hardware appliance solutions with a flexible and quickly adaptable "software appliance" - in light of increasing virtualization, this advantage is not to be underestimated!

HOB has in HOB RD VPN a first-rate technical achievement: On standard mid-sized servers this solution has been tested  successfully with 10,000 concurrent sessions.


Excellent Cost Savings!

One unique aspect of HOB RD VPN is that it only needs to be installed once on a central server in the enterprise network. Once this is done, any authorized user can use virtually any Internet-capable client machine (PC, Laptop, etc.) to access their data an Internet browser. Printing, with remote solutions often a source of aggravation, is no problem with HOB RD VPN. Users can simply print remotely-accessed files from their local printer, and with HOB's easy-print solution there is no need to have each individual printer's driver installed on the server.

High administration costs and the necessity of constantly updating clients are now a thing of the past!

Reliable, Secure Connections!

HOB has merged the advantages of conventional SSL- and IPsec-VPNs and created a solution that fulfils the highest security and compliance requirements. This is done through encrypted connections and accepted authentication methods such as tokens, Smartcards and SSL client certificates. Furthermore, HOB RD VP can be so configured that a connection to the enterprise network is only established after it has detected that the connecting terminal has active and up-to-date antivirus software.

HOB RD VPN - Key Components for Remote Access:

Add-ons / Optional Products:

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Keywords: Enterprise Network, vpn

Other products and services from Hob


HOB MacGate

All components and elements of the Mac user interface such as the menu list, dock, icons and the program windows are fully functional in the Remote Desktop session. It requires only the HOB remote access solution HOB RD VPN (Remote Desktop Virtual Private Network) and the HOB WebSecureProxy. This access is possible from every client platform: Windows PC, Linux PC, Thin-Client or even from another Mac.


HOB PPP Tunnel

HOB RD VPN NetAccess is part of the comprehensive security solution HOB RD VPN and uses the HOB PPP Tunnel to provide complete network access to all resources in the central corporate network.This access is also bi-directional. The HOB WSP has a built-in Web server, the HOB PPP Tunnel components are downloaded from this Web server.Approximately 300 kilobytes are downloaded.



After a user has successfully authenticated himself to the WSP over a browser, and wants to access his desktop PC, the WSP will send a Wake-on-LAN packet to the user’s desktop PC. The HOB WSP has a built-in Web server; components of the Java RDP client HOBLink JWT are preferably downloaded from this integrated Web server.


Kerberos Authentication 3270

Different than other "Single Sign-On" solutions, with which the passwords are stored locally and, when desired, are entered automatically without user intervention, with Kerberos no passwords are stored locally. The IBM Mainframe, in many enterprises still an indispensable pillar of the IT structure, can now be integrated with its 3270-applications into a Kerberos environment.