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By: Hisoftware  09-12-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, Content Management, Compliance

The Content-Aware Difference

HiSoftware provides content-aware compliance and security solutions for the monitoring and enforcement of risk management and privacy guidelines across digital environments. Our solutions provide a data governance platform for content management and collaboration processes that support corporate and brand integrity, site quality, accessibility and secure sensitive information for public websites and portals, as well as internal intranets and SharePoint sites.

For more than a decade, HiSoftware has helped some of the largest US federal agencies, as well as Global 2000 companies and educational institutions realize their goals for more compliant and accessible online environments. Our content-aware rules engine allows organizations to consistently address regulatory mandates and other content governance policies based on hundreds of pre-defined checkpoints, as well as custom rules that can be easily defined as policies evolve. Detailed reporting further supports these automated scans to identify risks and alert HR, privacy or other compliance officers to issues before they can escalate, effectively preventing costly fines or in the worst case, a data breach.

Making SharePoint Safe for Sensitive Data

Building on the explosive growth of Microsoft SharePoint, HiSoftware also delivers comprehensive content-aware compliance and security solutions optimized for SharePoint 2010. Unlike competitive solutions for classification, or enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) solutions that are significantly more expensive to deploy and maintain, HiSoftware’s has created a highly configurable, compliance- and business-centric approach to managing sensitive data in SharePoint, tightly integrated to the way your organization already uses SharePoint and its complementary Microsoft applications today. And because of our content-aware approach to compliance and security in SharePoint, we are the only vendor enabling both policy and user-based classification with encryption at the file level. The result is that we cannot only protect organizations from a damaging data breach, but also help to simplify SharePoint governance.

Compliance and Security That Works the Way You Do

By default, SharePoint and other file-based document repositories typically mirror the traditional “IT” approach to permissions and access management. In the example of SharePoint, access is enabled by applying permissions to specific libraries or lists based on Active Directory groups defined by the Administrator. These Active Directory groups are often tied to organizational structure, yet may not reflect the cross-functional reality of how business actually gets done and may be at odds with goals for greater collaboration across departments, teams or global geographies.

Both Security Sheriff SP and Compliance Sheriff SP look at an entire library or list of content to identify individual documents and files which should be secured based on specific policies. This approach is possible because HiSoftware’s solutions for SharePoint are content-aware, and are able to read the actual data contained in a specific document or item. Because permissions are applied at the individual file level, as compared with solutions that secure or encrypt documents at the library level, sensitive content can be stored, shared and collaborated on from any site, library or list in the SharePoint farm, with access to that content restricted only to those who have permissions to the file as defined by its classification.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Maintain Compliance with Regulatory Mandates – Leverage pre-defined checkpoints for HIPAA/HITECH, MA 201 CMR, FISMA, COPPA, Section 508/WCAG 2.0, OMB 10-22 and many other regulatory requirements

  • Leverage the Full Business Value of SharePoint – Security and permissions functionality expands the community that can now safely use and have access to your SharePoint environment: internal employees, partners, vendors, customers and prospects

  • Secure Sensitive Information – Implement content-aware controls that ensure the right users access the right information, every time, regardless of location

  • Apply Unique Classification Parameters Using SharePoint Metadata – whether system-applied based on policies, or user-applied, classification can control access to content and aid in e-discovery, search and retrieval, and any audits which may be required in the event of a breach

  • Simplify SharePoint Governance and Reduce Administration Costs – Automate SharePoint compliance and security to reduce site proliferation, and allow administrators to focus on higher value projects for training, business process management and user adoption

Keywords: Compliance, Content Management, Risk Management

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Compliance Solutions for Chief Information Security Officers

Without a proven solution for monitoring and securing the use of internal content platforms, Google docs and other free tools completely outside your control can be easily substituted by an increasingly savvy workforce, creating the perfect scenario for a breach.


Compliance Solutions for SharePoint Administrators

AIIM has also found that more than 60% of organizations have yet to bring SharePoint into line with existing data compliance policies and that 80% do not feel confident storing sensitive information in SharePoint. While training and usability enhancements will undoubtedly help adoption, for SharePoint to really be utilized as an ECM platform, its users need to believe that it is secure.


HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff

Validate for compliance with data and information security guidelines; Identify problem or exposed security areas; Integrate data and information security testing into your quality assurance and content delivery processes; Measure and manage risk and compliance across the organization; and Allocate resources appropriately.


HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff for SharePoint Compliance Management

Organizations scan information at rest within their SharePoint sites against the Compliance Sheriff rules engine to assess the level of sensitive information present and identify compliance issues. By deploying the HiSoftware Connectors for Microsoft’s Office and Outlook applications, organizations can add further controls to prevent sensitive content from being viewed by unauthorized users.


HiSoftware Security Sheriff™ SP

As the amount of content and user interaction increases, particularly given the enhanced collaborative capabilities of SharePoint 2010, the chance for a security breach or a compliance violation increases as well. By deploying the HiSoftware Connectors for Microsoft’s Office and Outlook applications, organizations can add further controls to prevent sensitive content from being viewed by unauthorized users.