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Professional packing really makes a difference. Transporting fragile and delicate items involves much more than placing them into boxes. While some items like bedding, towels and books don't necessarily call for professional attention, other items demand the kind of protection that only experienced, professional packers can provide.

For over half a century, Highland Moving Systems has packed the personal possessions of thousands of families. This experience has shown us which materials and packing methods provide the most reliable protection. We use only clean cartons, specially manufactured to the moving industry's rigorous standards.

Delicate glassware and china are individually wrapped in clean newsprint with each bundle placed on edge over a thick layer of crushed paper in a specially designed, triple thick walled china barrel for maximum protection. Delicate figurines are carefully wrapped in tissue and then again in clean newsprint. If you wish, even more protection can be provided by the use of specially designed figurine cartons. Each piece of silverware is protected by scratchproof, tarnish resistant tissue and double wrapped before packing in the cartons.

Dustproof, reinforced wardrobe cartons keep clothing and draperies neat and clean so they are ready to use right away when you arrive at your new home. You may wish to retain these cartons after the move to use for out-of-season clothing storage.

Reinforced, telescoping cartons come in two sizes to offer maximum protection for mirrors and glass front pictures. These items are carefully taped on the diagonal and then wrapped with soft, non-scratching paper and sealed in special corrugated cartons. Custom crates can be made for oversize or extremely valuable oil paintings.

Maximum hygiene is maintained for all of your mattresses and box springs through the use of heavy duty mattress bags or cartons in custom sizes including crib, single, double, queen and king beds.

Custom-built wooden crates and protective packing techniques safeguard antique tables, marble top tables, crystal chandeliers, fragile artwork and other priceless possessions.

The preferred way to move electronic components or computer equipment is in their original cartons with the original Styrofoam packing materials. If you don't have these cartons, Highland can handle these items for you. Stereo components (i.e. receiver, speakers, compact disc player, DVD or videocassette recorder etc) will be wrapped separately in paper or padded with bubble wrap. The CD player will be "locked" and any discs removed. These components will be carefully packed in a sturdy carton lined with paper or Styrofoam "peanuts" and will be marked "fragile".

Your personal computer, printer, scanner, CD writer etc. will also receive special attention. Wires attached to moveable hardware such as modem or mouse will be disconnected. The PC will be "parked" by inserting a blank floppy disk into the disk drive. Paper holders and feeders from printers will be detached. Monitors and other hardware will be wrapped similar to other home electronics. If you are doing you own packing of these items, make sure that disks are never packed near magnets (such as those on your stereo speakers). You should also "back-up" the files on your hard-drive and keep them in your possession during the move.

We handle lampshades only by their wire framing, place them in tissue lined cartons for added cushioning and seal the cartons. Ceramic lamps require careful packing or for some very valuable ones, crating may be the packing method of choice.

There are some items classed as "dangerous goods" that should not be packed or placed on the moving truck. Your moving consultant can advise you in this regard. Also, do not include items such as jewellery, precious stones, coin collections, stock certificates or articles of intrinsic value in your shipment. These items should be kept in your possession during the move.

If you decide to do some or most of your own packing we would suggest that you start packing in stages well in advance of the move as you will find that it is a much bigger job than you may expect. We would also recommend that you at least consider having your china and other valuables packed by our highly skilled professionals. You would also be wise to purchase your packing cartons and other materials from the mover since our materials are professionally designed in various sizes and shapes for this specific purpose. To help you get this job done properly, your Highland Moving Systems moving consultant can provide you with a handy booklet that outlines many professional packing techniques.

Finally, please remember that if you do your own packing, your mover cannot assume any responsibility for any damage that may occur to the contents since the mover has no control over how they have been packed.

Keywords: Moving, Moving Systems

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