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By: Higher Arcing  09-12-2011
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Our aluminum mufflers have a unique sound. The tone is low, and doesn't rasp at high-rpm. The mufflers actually muffle the exhaust (to your tastes) and can save a substantial amount of weight in the process. Ceramic packing material ensures lifelong performance and quality sound, while our CNC billet end caps ensure longevity under the harshest conditions, and a unique look.

Stainless and titanium mufflers are available upon request, please contact us for pricing.

Listed below are some of the more popular sizes of our mufflers and the corresponding prices. There are many options available, the benefit of custom is being able to tailor our product to your needs. If you are not building an aluminum exhaust, we can weld v-band flanges on the mufflers before shipping, and send along matching steel flanges and clampsto install on your exhaust.

A typical 3" inlet/outlet muffler with a 6" OD weighs less than 7 lbs. Compare this to other designs in stainless that actually work to reduce sound levels and combat drone, at 30-35lbs each.

2.5" in/out with 6" OD canister 12-18" long-$220  add v-band option for $60/end

3" in/out with 6" OD canister 12-18" long-$240  add v-band option for $60/end

3.5" in/out with 6" OD canister 12-18" long-$280  add v-band option for $80/end

3.5" in/out with 8" OD canister 12-18" long-$300  add v-band option for $80/end

4" in/out with 8" OD canister 12-18" long-$320  add v-band option for $100/end

Add in some custom CNC tips to make your car truly stand out in a crowd!

Prices vary with application and size.

  • One-Off Fabrication

    Fabrication specific to your needs is possible.

    Having the tools and knowledge to cover a wide range of projects, I can help your plan become a reality.

    Custom Titanium Turbo Charge Tube

    Titanium Exhaust for Honda Ruckus with 150cc swap


    Pricing varies with material. Some require very expensive filler rods, and some require extra shielding gas. Some examples of hourly rates are listed below:

    Steel-$90/hr  Aluminum-$90/hr Inconel-$150/hr  Titanium-$150/hr

    Stainless-$105/hr  Magnesium-$150/hr

    Materials Available:

    Mild Steel, Chromium Molybdenum Alloys (4130,4140,4340), Stainless (304,316,321,409)

    Titanium (CP, 3al-2.5v, 6al-4v), Inconel, Monel,Aluminum, Magnesium, Zirconium, Niobium

    Titanium-Niobium Alloys

  • Repairs

    From broken snowmobile crank cases to cracked marine manifolds, repairs can save money over replacement in some cases.  For those items that are rare, or discontinued, it may be the only option.

  • Exhaust

    Exhaust is a specialty of ours.

    We can make you an exhaust out of mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, inconel, or even titanium. A complete exhaust can be made from head flange to tail pipe, or just a downpipe for your turbo car. Exhausts are available in sizes from 2"-6" in any material you may require. Custom headers for swap cars or unique projects can be a viable solution.

    Every stainless exhaust piece and system is purged with inert gas so that the welds are as strong as possible. Doing this does cost more, and makes the process slower, but it ensures longevity and consequently, stainless systems built by Unobtainium Welding will outlast most of the vehicles they are installed on.

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