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By: High Country Flies  09-12-2011

In this edition of HCF’s Fly Tying Recipes, we offer Howard Cole’s “Olive U-con Emerger“. As always, each fly pattern shared in our recipe section was designed by the owners, guides or staff at High Country Flies. Check out this recipe to see a larger photo, get fly tying tips and receive expert advice on how to fish this fly most effectively.

What You’ll Need:
Hook: Tiemco 900BL, Sizes 14 – 18
Thread: Uni-thread 8/0, Olive Dun
Tail: Amber Z-lon
Body Shuck (overbody): Mix of Amber & Olive Z-lon
Abdomen: Olive Dubbing
Thorax: Silver/Glass Bead
Wing: Light Elk Hair

Tying Tips

  • Put glass bead on first
  • The overbody should span 180˚ around and encase the abdomen creating a “bubble” over the top half of the abdomen and bead. It is important to get this shape right or the fly won’t float properly. When viewed from below, the overbody has a heart shape to it.
  • The bead represents an air bubble that a natural caddis emerger creates as it rises to the surface film.
  • For durability we recommend whip finishing behind glass bead. Reattach thread in front of bead to tie down overbody and wing.

Fishing Tips

  • The U-con represents an emerging caddis
  • Grease and dead drift in the surface film
  • Can also be swung in the current
  • Makes a very good beetle imitation. We like it for sporadic risers.

Designed by: Howard Cole

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